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The moment you tune into your television, you will find multiple advertisements which promote various beauty products and claim to give you the wonderful skin you have always desired. Meanwhile, behind the cameras, all kinds of effects, filters and edits are being done and added to give you an illusion of the perfect skin.

Only time will tell, when all the ladies out there will stop getting fooled by the false claims of such products. Sure, they may help, but they will never give you complete beauty. Creams, lotions and all such things are fine but superficial.

According to Ayurveda, the key to getting beautiful skin is having a healthy body. Here are 5 simple ingredients which can make that happen!



You can find this almost anywhere near you. You may extract fresh aloe gel from the leaf directly or just purchase some from a departmental store. Point being- availability is not an issue! Besides, don’t you just love how fancy it sounds? Not only can you apply it externally on your body, you can also consume it once in a while. Now I have to warn you that it might not taste good. It is bitter and slimy but works as a coolant and can help deal with several skin issues like blemishes, acne and dull skin. If you are not used to its taste, go slow! Externally you can apply it on any problematic area of your skin and expect magical results!


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You know this ingredient pretty well. It’s a major part of Indian cooking and as beauty would have it, it does wonders for your skin. Why do you think it is added to so many face packs? Do not, even for once, get fooled by the products which claim to have turmeric extracts! Nothing can replace the actual powder which you can directly add to face packs for glowing skin. If you suffer from acne then the use of haldi which help you fight the bacteria which is half of your problem! Consuming it like food (internally) will aid digestion. Good digestive system means good skin!


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Since this fruit is citric, it contains a good amount of vitamin c, the one vitamin you should have if you want glowing skin! So squeeze a fresh lemon in some lukewarm water, add honey for taste and sweetness and then gulp it down! You can also use fresh lemon juice over your face to help remove tan. It will work like magic for oily skin!



The best antibacterial and natural thing you will ever find are neem leaves. In fact I am sure you must have seen people brushing their teeth with Neem twigs! Neem is overall great for your health and gives a boost to immunity! It can help you fight many bacterial infections and therefore acne! Eating it can be a bit of a problem because of its poison like taste but once you get over it, you will begin to feel the difference.



Now this flower, is not exactly food but has been mentioned because it is an extremely underrated beauty ingredient and a personal favorite. Did you know that rose water is actually rich in vitamin c? Also, having a little rose syrup can help you get through the hot summer days. Rose water has been used in face packs and other beauty products for ages. It was meant for queens at a point in history (just saying!). The bottom-line is, it will help you get glowing skin. You may use it as a toner as well!

In case you want to speak to the professionals, check out some beauticians here.

Written by Varnika Chauhan

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