“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages” – William Shakespeare

As the life goes on, we sometimes get so involved with our daily roles that we usually don’t even think of taking a break; but a break is mandatory. For example, many of us use laptops and desktops. Whenever we find that our system has hanged we immediately shut it down and restart it – all the applications are loaded fresh into the RAM. The same can apply to humans as well. We are so keen on doing right things (i.e. something which is important for that moment or short period of time) that we forget to check if we are doing things rightly (over a longer period of time).

We are so used to our mechanical life of getting up at some part of the day, having or not having proper food, and keeping on running in this competitive world, that sometimes we might just loose our way in iterations. Changing place and environment is a preferred solution from psychologists for many problems. The Break not only creates excitement but also refreshes, motivates and gives you time to sit back and take stock of your life. It would definitely make a difference. So where do you start?


Choose your closest group, people with whom you can be true to yourselves. Try not forming bigger groups as logistical issues might arise but a group size of 4-5 would be ideal. Convince everyone; try to fix a day which is comfortable for all. While choosing a place, it is better if you choose a place where you find a completely different or contrasting climate than the one you are currently in, a place that you haven’t visited so far or that is very comfortable, a place which is not too far, otherwise the journey itself might take away the enthusiasm. Shortlist a few, propose it in the group and go for the majority.

Once you decide the place, prepare a complete plan of what are the check points you are going to meet, include buffer time, and book hotels accordingly. Locate the best hotels, restaurants and store them in your maps. If you are planning to go on a public transport then book all the tickets immediately. Waiting lists and unplanned transportation medium would be both unpleasant and incur high costs. If possible, I suggest arranging your own vehicle as this provides lot of freedom. If own vehicle is not an option then you may think about renting or hiring cars. Find some car renting agencies here.

When it comes to packing, choose comfortable clothes preferably shorts, and also keep the climate of the place in mind. Get a travel bag that can meet the demand of weather and activity that you are planning. If you don’t have it, get one from your favourite bag shop. You can also find some of them here. Don’t forget your Camera for obvious reasons and also first-aid kit for safety.  Pack as little luggage as possible. Keep some extra space in the bag if you plan to shop. Avoid carrying office work related materials.

set free

After starting on your trip, try to keep minimum contact with the world you are not part of, find and stick to no Wi-Fi zones, open up with your group, have booze to safe level, party well, recollect your past memories, listen to your close mates, think of your dreams, check where are you now, exchange advices and suggestions, make a new to-do list and start fulfilling your dreams. Capture as many memories as possible so that if on any other day you feel lost these memories would boost your morale and motivate you to go further.

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