“Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self love” These lines were famously said by Ademola Mandella and we couldn’t agree more!

It is every girl’s desire to have strong, beautiful, lustrous locks that run down her shoulders and make her look impeccable. Fortunately for us, rebonding can fulfill this wish! It can change our whole look and make us feel amazing! It can give you that confidence boost that you have always wanted.
Whenever you compare your disheveled, unruly locks with somebody else’s straight, sleek hair, you might feel a tinge of jealousy, or maybe even more? You might have tried many home remedies to get straighter hair but all just turned out to be futile attempts. Hence now is the time for you to get rid of your frizzy hair, so consider rebonding  and look like you just stepped out of a salon everyday! That is after all the dream, right?
Before you fix an appointment with your salon, hair is some information for you about rebonding to put those butterflies in your stomach at rest! After all, it is always better to be fully prepared

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Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that makes your hair straight and sleek. In rebonding, the natural hair bonds are first relaxed and broken down by the cream softener or relaxant used .Then new bonds are made and locked using a neutralizer.
The effects of this treatment could last for 8-12 months.
The cost of treatment would vary depending on the hair length, hair type and texture. It also depends on the kind of products used by the salon. The average cost for this treatment could be anything from 4000-10000 rupees.
To carry out this process, it would take around 5-8 hours in one sitting.maxresdefault

1. The hair is first washed with a mild conditioner. No conditioner is applied in this stage.
2. A cream softener or relaxant is applied few millimeters away from the roots. It is kept on the hair for around 30 minutes

.Hair straight
3. The hair is steamed for 20-40 minutes depending on the hair texture and then rinsed.
4. Blow drying of hair takes place, followed by application of a keratin solution.
5. A flat iron is used to straighten the hair until you’re satisfied by the straightness achieved as this would be the final look.

6. A neutralizer is applied to stabilize the hair.
7. Finally, the hair is rinsed with cold water and blow dried.

And yay! You have amazing shiny hair!

1. Get your hair trimmed on a regular basis.
2. Don’t get any treatments on your hair like hair coloring, hair streaking for 6 months.
3. Apply a hair serum regularly or use a leave in conditioner.
4. Get frequent hair spas

5. Shampoo your hair with cold water
6.Oiling of hair is essential.
7. In case you wet your hair in rain, wash them as soon as possible. Salts and pollutants from rain water can cause a lot of damage otherwise.
8. Follow a nutritious diet consisting nuts, cashews, almonds and lots of fruits and vegetable.

Written by Sukanya Kapoor

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