It is everybody’s dream to someday build a house that defines the person you are. For some people it may be building an extravagant and a posh luxurious house, while for some others it might be something a lot smaller and cosier. On the other hand, some people redecorate their existing homes into something according to their liking. This is where interior designing plays an important role. There are a hundred thousand designs and colour schemes and patterns to play around with, when it comes to interior designing. But before you get into the nitty-gritty of it, there are some things that you must decide on.

  • Find what makes your heart sing: Your home is going to be “your” place. It is going to be a shrine that reflects your personality, your likes and what makes you comfortable. So find what makes your heart happy. Picture yourself walking into your home after a long tiring day. Picture what you would like to come home to. Make that dream a reality by decorating your home the way you pictured it in your head.
  • Colour Schemes: One of the basic steps of decorating your home is the colour scheme. Broadly, you can either lean towards the cool tones or the warm tones. Typically, warm tones include rich reds, burgundy, orange and bright pinks while cool tones are more grey, mauve and darker colours. You can also decide on a cleaner colour palette and stick to whites, creams and more pastel colours. Create a pattern with your colour scheme. Ensure that the colours you pick do not clash with each other, but give a pleasant feel to the room.
  • Less is more: It is very easy to go overboard with decorating. You may have so many ideas in your head about how you would want a room to look, that it is quite possible to want to add all those ideas together. However, it is important to keep in mind that less is more, in the sense that a room can look beautiful when it is minimal too. Pick out some statement pieces that you think are a necessity for that particular room and decorate the room around it. The objective is to not cramp up the space that you have, but instead make it look more presentable.
  • Furniture: Another staple while decorating a room is furniture. Sometimes, furniture may look extremely classy and luxurious but falls short in the comfort category. It is important to find furniture pieces that are comfortable to you. This may be as simple as finding the right couch for yourself or even a coffee table that suits your needs. Again, comfort should be your first priority while picking out furniture as this is an investment that you make for a long period of time.
  • Accent walls: For those looking to give your bedroom or living room a certain edge to it, accent walls are your best friend. An accent wall is simply the first thing you see when you enter a room. This wall will either have a distinct architectural feature, placements or may just be of a different colour than the rest of the room. Thus, an accent wall will add that pop of something different to your otherwise plain room.
  • Lighting: Another important thing that people overlook while decorating their home is lighting. Firstly, natural lighting is very important. Make sure that your rooms have large windows to let in sunlight. If there is not provision for natural lighting, install light fixtures in the rooms to ensure that the room is well-lit at any point of time so that it does not look gloomy and dull.


Once you have considered all of the above details and have a plan in your head, find a decorator who can take that vision from you and make it a reality so you can have a home that you love and deserve. If you are looking for Interior Decorators in Raipur, you can find them here.

Written by Pavithra Dennis

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