As society is getting more competitive, the demands of parents from children is continuously rising. Joining tuition and coaching classes has become a norm now. However, it is very essential and important to understand the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with sending your child to tuition.


Private tuition can be advantageous. Sometimes students are unable to concentrate during lessons in school due to various reasons, such as distractions, not feeling well or explanation gaps. Therefore, students missed many key points taught during lessons. Under such circumstances, private tutors can re-explain the topics learnt by reiterating key points, abstract concepts and help to solve problems that students find difficult to tackle.

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At times a student’s laziness may come in the way of his understanding and learning which may affect his grasping power. They may lose their motivation to work hard. The temptation for students to play is strong. Particularly gaming and surfing the internet. Students also tend to while away their time watching TV, sending messages and chatting with friends over the phone. Allocating times for private tuition reduces their time spent in unhealthy pursuits. Private tutors also help to motivate the students to study hard. A private tutor can keep the students on the right track when they stray off course. For example, private tutors can help parents to reprimand their children if they become too playful. Private tutors can assign homework to them, so that they can spend their time in a more meaningful manner. A private tutor can thus perform the role of a disciplinarian.
Sometimes students have personal problems that they find hard to confide in their parents, tutors can act as a ‘listening ear’ and help them resolve some of their problems.

Having private tuition also has its disadvantages. Sometimes tutors provide additional homework on top of what is already given by teachers in school. The extra homework from the tutor is an added burden to the students.
Sometimes tutors may arrive at wrong timings, for instance, the students are not in the mood to learn or have gone through a hard day of work in school and are therefore mentally tired. Despite such bad timing, the tuition sessions may still have to carry on, which makes it unfruitful.

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Private tuition may be a financial burden to parents who are not very well off. However, when the student is a slow learner who needs a tutor outside school, tuition is a necessary evil. Some students treat their tutors as a walking dictionary, expecting them to furnish answers to the homework given by school without thinking through the solutions by themselves over time. This can make them mentally lazy.
There are some parents who have unreasonable expectations. They insist that their children engage private tutors even though their children perform well academically.
Overall, it is good to have private tuition provided the parents can afford it and the student finds the tuition session beneficial to them. The benefits are plentiful if parents manage to find a good tutor who can value added by playing various roles to help their students achieve academic success.

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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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