Aging, in today’s day and age, seems almost like a myth. The reason for this is the numerous advancements that have been taking place with respect to anti-aging, be in creams or lotions or even surgical and non-surgical treatments. To top it off, there is always social media to back such claims where aging is considered to be a thing of the past. Today, you can look younger, your skin can look absolutely flawless and plump and all those fine lines can disappear as well. Thus, here is a list of anti-aging treatments that doctors across the country and even the world swear by:


1) Dermal fillers: The first true signs of aging on your face is usually the cheekbones and the smile-lines that appear all the way from the end of your nose to the corners of your mouth. The old school way of getting rid of this would definitely involve going under the knife preferably for a facelift. Another common approach used to be silicone implants which come with a huge range of risks in itself. Thus, the dermal fillers are your best bet. Dermal fillers use a dense gel which lifts the skin over your cheekbones, giving you that smooth appearance. You will also not have to worry about the gel slipping away frequently as in the case of silicone implants as this will last you for well over a year.

2) Belotero: Botox has been one of the most common surgical procedures to combat aging over the years. However, like most surgical procedures, botox is not the most pleasant experience. This is because Botox ends up stiffening the area, thus making it very hard to make any normal facial expression. It also looks quite unnatural after a certain point in time. Thus, Belotero fillers are the perfect alternative. They are super thin and lightweight, which facilitates precise filling of the fine lines. They also last for over six months and do not cause any unwanted side effects such as redness, bruising or itching. Since they are primarily made of hyaluronic acid, they also tend to increase your skin’s natural wrinkle-defense, thus increasing the collagen production and prevents collagen from breaking down as well.

3) DermaPen: The DermaPen is the new alternative to Microdermabrasion. While microdermabrasion is perfect to get rid of all the dead skin that piles up on your face, the DermaPen does so in a much more gentle manner. The DermaPen is made up of small superfine needles that basically punch very small, typically microscopic holes into the skin. This, in turn, triggers a healing process which facilitates the production of collagen as well as elastin. Over time, this improves the texture as well as the elasticity of the skin. It also reduces the presence of larger pores and also in the end firms up your skin considerably.

4) RF Tightening: RF Tightening or Radio Frequency tightening is the method of slimming down and tightening any loose fat on the body mostly in regions like the arms and lower thighs. Initially, this was done by invasive methods which caused a significant amount of pain and at the same time took a longer time to heal. However, using radio waves, the fat tissue from the body is melted away and drains from the body when you pee. The heat from the radio waves also simultaneously stimulates collagen production which leads to automatic tightening of the skin, making it look less bulky. However, you might experience a little bit of swelling which will go away a short period of time.

Apart from the above-mentioned treatments, it is important to eat healthily and incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. It is also important to consume enough water and exercise on a daily basis to ensure youthful and flawless skin.

Thus, if you are trying to combat the signs of aging on your skin and body and are looking for new improvised anti-aging procedures, then do consult a professional who can help you out with that. If you are looking for a professional in Raipur, you can find a list of them here:

Written by Pavithra Dennis

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