Summer season is on its way, and so probably many of you would be thinking to purchase AC beforehand. In Asia especially India, the sun becomes so hot and shiny that the temperature goes up to 50 degree C which is seriously unbearable. It is usually recommended to replace your AC with new one if it is 12-15 years old. Also, it’s always a good practice to do some research before you go in market to get the right AC.

There are few general points to keep in mind when you go out in market.

  • The AC you buy should be cost-effective with all quality features.
  • The energy consumption should be low to minimize the electricity bills.
Primer to choose Air Conditioners in Raipur

There are various types of air conditioner in the market which makes it difficult to choose for one from such a wide variety range. This includes window, portable, wall attached through and central. Diversity in type, size and energy consumption with large number of brands gives a hard time in choosing the best of all. In India there are many brands in a competitive market, where each one is fully trying to provide best services to satisfy their customers but the race is always won by the one offering high quality in lesser price. Let’s have a detailed look on the essential factors to consider while buying an AC.

    • Seasonal Energy-Efficiency Ratio (SEER):

The higher seer number is better. The standard SEER number is 13 so always take a look above 13. This removes the air-conditioning unit of each watt of used up power.

    • Heat Removal By AC Tonnage:

A normal cooling ton usually removes 12,000BTUs per hr. Now, if we increase it up to 3 tons, it means 36000 BTUs heat removal in an hour. So, importantly, look for this when buying AC.

    • Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE):

This determines the usage of power consumed in per dollar spent. It has inverse relation with your electricity bills. This estimates how much heat a unit delivers for every dollar spent on fuel. Higher the AFUE, lower the heating bills.

Maintenance Services

In Raipur there are several companies which are providing repairing and maintenance services for AC maintenance. They provide the door to door services, so that you don’t need to take your AC to them. Instead, they will come to your place on just one call.

Ø  CG Refrigeration: They provide repairing services for all big ticket household appliances le Air Conditioners (AC), Washing Machine, Refrigerator (Fridge) etc

Ø  Door-Step services

Ø  Take Care Raipur Services  

Ø  Shankar Direct Services

Ø  Air Fair Cooling System, etc

For more business offering Air Conditioner Repair and Service, contact us.

DIY Maintenance

1.    Clean the fungus, dirt, tidies and bugs which make your condenser their habitat to grow on and can be cause of airflow blockage.

2.    Coil cleaner can be used for cleaning the condenser.

3.    Remove all the sticky dirt from the fin and filters by using a brush,

4.    Examine the padding to make sure it is evenly expanded.

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