AutoCAD is software released by a company called Autodesk. CAD simply means Computer Aided Drafting. Thus, AutoCAD is a 2-D and 3-D computer aided drafting software that has been used in the design world for a while now. Generally used by architecture students, manufacturers and in construction, AutoCAD is a quicker and easier way to develop blueprints and engineering plans.

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There are many reasons why AutoCAD is your next best software for design. Some of them include:

  • Diverse Applications: AutoCAD is universally chosen as standard designing software. This means that it is used by a variety of drafters. Engineering drafters use it to prepare plans for mechanical devices and machinery while architects use it to draft plans for commercial and residential buildings. Electrical and Electronic drafters also use it to prepare sketches of electrical wiring systems, installation and repairing of electronic gadgets. Civil drafters also use it to a great extent to help them design bridges, roadways and other major projects.
  • Scope: According to recent statistical analysis conducted by the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, it was said that the average salary of drafters was over 50000$ a year. Thus, this scenario opens up a lot of employment opportunities for people interested in drafting. It is said that job opportunities for Electronic and Electrical Drafters is said to increase by 5% in the next ten years, which is a substantial growth pattern. Thus, AutoCAD is now a course in most technical colleges where they offer certifications or degree courses in the same. This makes the scope of the software more prominent in the employment field.
  • User Friendly: Not only does the AutoCAD software cater to the needs of different kinds of drafting across the globe, but it also does so in a user-friendly fashion. This software is well equipped with powerful detailing and drafting tools that makes your drafting work look extremely professional. Its numerous features are simplified as they are segregated parts which can be chosen for your design. Using these simplified tools, you can generate dimensions and other parameters as per the requirements of manufacturers easily.
  • Saves Time: The developers of AutoCAD believe that saving time is directly proportional to earning more income because of more work output. Thus, coupled with the easy user interface, it does not take much time to grasp the working of the software and thus designing in both 2-D and 3-D can be done very quickly. This leads to the production process being accelerated. Even if there is a mistake in the design, it offers easy modification of the existing ideas itself. It also allows multiple prints of the documentation for multiple users. This in turn saves a lot of time.
  • Technology: Simply put, AutoCAD is a collection of the best drafting features and technology put together in the form of software. Often, in mechanical designs, some parts of the geometry may get blocked due to the other overlapping parts. This is taken care of with AutoCAD. Thus accuracy is heightened. Thus, technology is used to eliminate human error that may occur when the design is hand drawn. The features allow generation of standard industry based dimensions, mechanical, weld and surface texture symbols.
  • Efficiency and Flexibility: AutoCAD takes into account client needs to a large extent. At every stage of the design, the software helps the designer check if the design is as per the client’s requirements. This ensures that any faults or changes that may need to be looked into can be done so in the initial stages of the design process, thus making it extremely efficient.  Also, in doing so, it helps the client assess the functional and non-functional prototypes. The concept of reusing designs by only slight modifications also makes the software flexible.


Thus, AutoCAD is your go-to software for those looking to be drafters in their professional field. There are numerous independent institutes that offer AutoCAD coaching. If you are looking for AutoCAD Training Institutes in Raipur, you can find them here.


Written by Pavithra Dennis

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