What comes to mind when you hear the word “beauty”? Glitzy gowns, fashion ramps, glamorous actresses, expensive brands, zero size models and photoshopped faces on billboards, these are a few things that we have been programmed to see as a representation of beauty. Is it true, though? Can you only be beautiful if you have a thin waist and a fat wallet?

Do you even, for one minute get the image of your reflection in the mirror, when you hear the word “beauty”. The answer, most of the times, is NO. It is because we women grow up learning to hate ourselves, we hate how flat our hair is, how fat our nose is, how crooked our mouth is, how thick our eyebrows are or how yellow our teeth are.

We are told that grooming ourselves after a certain age is disgraceful. A married woman of 40 who puts on makeup everyday is heaped with slander by her neighbours, sometimes even her family. Why is that? Does she not have the desire or the right to express herself in the way she deems fit? Is she only supposed to look that way to her husband and not others? It is necessary to observe that these very same critics secretly envy her.

The question remains: Who do you groom for? If the answer is anybody other than you, then you are yet to understand beauty. The notion of beauty has been contested, revisited, revised, evolved, interpreted, challenged and deconstructed. We at QuickSearch believe that Laetitita Casta said it best, “Real beauty is what makes you feel good”.

Yes, beauty stems from the inside. But sometimes, it needs a little push, and that’s where parlours come to the rescue. Parlours do not alter the shape of your nose or the colour of your skin like photoshop so efficiently does. They help you in accentuating what you think are your best features. And the effects are temporary, but the consequence is life-changing. This doesn’t mean that you need to look at yourself through the lens of the society, you might need some help in recognising that you are absolutely mesmerising.

The epitome of Indian grace and beauty, Gayatri Devi, in an interview with Femina in 1968, quoted “There is no need to be puritanical in our approach to beauty. I find dumpiness inexcusable. I think that every woman owes it to herself to look pretty, and it is fundamental to her self-respect”. What we lack today is a holistic approach to beauty. Every woman will accept that if she looks beautiful, she feels beautiful.

The society tells you that quest for beauty is surfacial, it berates you for visiting parlours, it puts you down for your makeup. The same society also does not accept originality of appearance, nor does it tolerate extreme plainness. You are either a “raunchy item” or a “plain jane”.

The society’s got it wrong, and adhering to its redundant principles is a thing of the past. It’s time you do what you think is right. If wearing a deep red lipstick brightens up your day, if getting a pixie cut makes you more confident, if dyeing your hair in shades of hot pink and purple gives a bounce in your step or if the perfect double-winged eyeliner takes you to cloud nine, We say GO FOR IT! On the other hand, if comfortable jammies, loose/messy hair and floaters is what makes you happy, then all the better.

Coco Chanel was right when she said A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. The quest for beauty and youth has always been an unstoppable endeavour in a woman’s life. These days, even men are doing it! Here’s a list of men’s salons in Raipur.

Don’t you just love how amazing you feel after you get a brand new haircut? Or get a soothing mani-pedi? Yes, if beauty is the new god, parlours are the temples! They are spaces of respite, serenity, vibrancy and are buzzing with activity. This is also a space which does not discriminate. What is common between a fresh graduate from IIM, NIT, AIIMS, HNLU, IIT or AMITY and the extremely niche-club going crowd that Raipur has to offer? Yes, that’s right! The parlours! Be it old, young or the in-between, parlours cater to all.

After all, you need to be sure to look your best when you visit the Sushilpikangan Art Gallery, Water World Resort or even the CG City Centre. As they say, “Go out every day dressed as if you were to meet your worst enemy” and here are some parlours in Raipur that will help you do exactly that. If you would also like to deck up for a marriage with Mehendi and the like here is a list of amazing Mehendi artists in Raipur.

Written by Sangeetha Alwar

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