Makeup can be tricky if you are new to. There are so many products! So many shades and the confusion that follows is inevitable. But do not worry. To start with makeup you actually need a few products which can help you get acquainted with the basics!




Base shall be the foundation of your makeup….or vice-versa! This is very important for creating a flawless look and is the first step in doing your makeup. For beginners, most beauty experts suggest using a BB cream. BB cream is not as heavy on the skin and much easier to work with. It provide medium coverage. The only disadvantage is that in India, BB creams not available in many shades, so you may not be able to find the perfect match! If you need more coverage and the closest match to your skin tone, it is time to bring the big guns in! Go for a foundation which matches perfectly with your skin tone.


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For eye makeup, you can invest in a simple eyeliner and that would do. If you have never worked with these before, then invest in a pencil eyeliner. They are easier to work with and if you go wrong with the application, you can always correct it. Keep your hand steady and outline your eyes. As you practice more you can thicken the lines to create a more dramatic look. But go easy on the winged liner! To add a little more drama, use a Mascara! This will give oomph to your eyelashes and make you look more awake.


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Always make sure that your lips are moisturized. You can use lipsticks in light shades for a subtle look. If you like more shine, add a lip gloss on top of the lipstick. You can even use lip gloss alone for a softer look. There are many tinted lip balms available in the market which are a quick and easy way to plump up your lips!



Blush is a must have, especially if you are using a foundation. Otherwise, you may end up looking pale and a single color. Powder blush works best for oily skin while cream blushes are suitable for dry skin. Blush instantly brightens your face and gives it a natural glow provided, that you do not over do it!


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Most beginners buy the products and use their fingers to apply it! Now in some cases, it may be fine as the warmth from the fingers will help to melt the product into your skin, but in most cases it can lead to an uneven skin tone and cause acne breakouts. This is because, our fingers are loaded with bacteria and while using finger to apply makeup on our face, we tend to deposit the bacteria into our skin pores. It is best to use a makeup sponge. This can easily blend different products. For foundation and blushes, you need to use brushes. Also, do not forget to clean these time to time!


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This is very essential! If you sleep with makeup on, or do not get rid of it properly, then it will eventually damage your skin. There are several makeup removal products available in the drug stores but you can also use coconut oil to remove it. Coconut oil is able to break out the most stubborn makeup and is a great product to moisturize your skin. Makeup removal products tend to leave skin a little dry so follow up with a moisturizer.



Written by Varnika Chauhan

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