Has it ever been your dream to own a modern architect designed and interior decorated house? Have you ever awed the houses that they show in movies? If you have then we have the right solution for you. You can now be your own interior designer and decorator by following some easy steps.


Making your house interiors look sophisticated and modern involves some very basic aspects which if paid close attention to can be achieved by everyone. Any room of the house looks good only and only if certain finer points like lighting and design are coordinated keeping in mind the wall color and house theme.

The simplest way to go around doing this is by deciding your house theme first. There are various house theme options available, ranging from Indian and Western to Mediterranean. Once this choice is made based on your personal tastes and liking all other factors automatically fall into place.

Step by Step process of renovating your house:

  • Painting the walls: After selecting your house theme, it is essential to find mono tone colors to suit your walls. As it becomes difficult to match wall color to furniture it is advisable to match furniture to wall color. The wall color selection should be such that it goes with the theme that you have in mind and should look pleasant to the eyes. If you’re selecting a Mediterranean theme then wall colors should be light sky blue, light grey blue and so on. Western style of interior decorating usually employs white and shades of white to paint walls.
  • Declutter furniture: Observe all your old furniture carefully. Without hesitating throw away all broken furniture that needs drastic repair. From what’s remaining try to analyses what fits in and what doesn’t. If you are going for a modern theme then old fashioned cane furniture and artifact seating stools will look out of place, but will however look fabulous if you are looking for an Indian or traditional theme. One very important thing to keep in mind is the color of all the furniture pieces, all the pieces of furniture should coordinate with respect to color. If not the furniture of the entire house then at least of specific rooms. One solution to this problem is, polishing all your furniture in a uniform color.
  • Organizing the room: All the furniture should be placed in such a way that the room size is enhanced and not diminished. The furniture should not look over crowded nor should it look empty. If you are placing rugs then the rugs should take up more than half the remaining empty space else the room will tend to look small. It is also essential to put a few legs of the bed or dining table etc. on the rug to give the room a larger appearance.
  • Spatial arrangement: This is an important aspect in making the house look good and spacious. Leave a little space around couches and other seating items, this will prevent the room from looking claustrophobic.
  • Lighting: This is a very crucial aspect of interior decorating. The light sources should be evenly balanced in all spots of the room unless specific focus is desired on a painting or any other artifact. This lighting should still be sober and mild. In general the lighting of the house should be pleasant to the eyes. Going in for a modern chandelier is a good idea and traditional chandeliers have and will always be a fad in Indian style houses.
  • Drapes: Longer drapes give the ceiling a higher feel and the house a more royal touch. The room curtains can either be single colored or multi colored. Curtains can either blend with the color of the room in general or can be a mild contrast. Double curtains are newly trending where the first layer is a thicker silk or brocade curtain with embedded mild print and the underlying layer is made of chiffon and is transparent in the same shade as the upper curtain, only a lighter shade. Placing a hanging light on the dining table can also give a scintillating effect to the entire room.
  • Artifacts and decoration: Having empty walls is always boring. Paintings can help decorate the rooms and give a minimalistic yet elegant touch. In living rooms and dining rooms oil paintings or flower inlay work can be placed. The best way to make the walls seem occupied yet neat is by choosing a painting that is just a little more than half the empty wall size in the longer dimension. For bedrooms, family portraits are a common decoration item. It gives the room a more personal feel. Passage ways can have more abstract paintings. For houses that are being decorated in a traditional or Indian way, Tanjore paintings with gold inlay are very popular. Another unique way of decorating your house is by placing artifacts like flower vases or empty decoration jars on size tables and center tables. Magazine stands and book racks can also make the room seem friendlier.
  • Wall paper: A lot of houses have home theatre rooms. In such rooms having artifacts and paintings will seem out of place. Lighting cannot be modified either as it will degrade the home theatre’s performance. Hence, the only way to add life to the room is by selecting a good wallpaper which will be applied on the wall behind the TV screen.

Sometimes it’s easier to make your house suit your tastes and liking if you design it yourself, as a third person will never be able to actually understand what you mean. If you still want additional help with re-designing your house, then there are plenty of professional interior designers.

It is also essential to choose and buy the right furnishing and find the right painters for your house. Find the best of both by visiting the QuickSearch website.


Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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