Big or small a house is a house. Houses are one of the basic necessities of life and it is important to choose one that suits the purpose and also makes you feel comfortable and secure. The choice of picking a house can be a though one as a lot of crucial factors like size, cost, location, distance from ones work place etc. affect it.


The decision of choosing a house is often taken by most of the members of the family who are involved. The process is a lengthy one and involves a lot of scouting, budgeting and other important procedures. The most major step is deciding whether one wants an apartment or an independent flat. This decision can vary based on factors like the number of people who will be living in the house, how comfortable any member of the family is with staying alone at certain situations. Etc.


Some important factors to keep in mind while buying a house are:

  • Affordability: The house you buy should not stretch the budget too much. It should be such that if at all a loan is taken then the monthly interest payment does not exceed 35-40% of your monthly earning. It is no point buying your dream house if it is going to be a financial nightmare.
  • Availability: Having worked out what you can afford keeping in mind any costs for improving the property, you need to find out whether the sort of property you want is available in the area that you want it. It’s likely that you will have to compromise on some of your likes and dislikes so be prepared to be flexible.
  • Suitability: After finding a good house it’s important to judge some crucial factors like accessibility, facilities, noise levels, schools and essentially crime rate. These factors are crucial in determining how happy your stay will be and how secure you will feel.
  • Location: A house in bad condition and a good location can be done up, but a good house in a bad location cannot be shifted. So it is very important to choose a house in a good location and one that has a high convenience factor for all members of the family. The location should be decent, safe and also purpose serving.
  • Connectivity: Though a house on the out skirts may be at a lower rate and you may also get a larger property it becomes difficult to perform daily routine tasks if the locality is not well connected. It is important that the locality has good public transport systems and is not too remote so that in any emergency situation there is help readily available. Banking on private transport 24/7 is not a feasible option.
  • Restaurants, bars and shops: New restaurants and bars open and close all the time but they can be a good indicator of the direction in which an area is heading. A fashionable High Street with trendy shops adds to the appeal of a location while shabby stores detract from it.

Keeping all such essential factors in mind one should decide whether to buy a certain house or wait for a longer period of time before purchasing. Real estate agents can be a good guide in showing properties and giving suggestions. However, it is always cheaper to purchase a house directly from the seller to avoid any unnecessary middle men costs. In a country like India, there are certain other factors that also have to be kept in mind, like the availability of water in the location and also the availability of electricity.

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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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