It is only obvious that every bride wants to look the best on her wedding day. There is so much built-up anticipation of how beautiful the bride would look, that it goes without saying that there is an immense amount of pressure on the bride to look her best. The most effective way of doing so is to make sure that you plan out a bridal routine a few months in advance to the day of the wedding and making sure that you follow it as well. Here are some bridal services that every bride should indulge in, this wedding season to look every bit the blushing beautiful bride:


1) Manicure and Pedicure: Right after the engagement ceremony, the ring on your finger is going to be the show stopper. Thus, it is inevitable that your hand is going to get photographed a lot. Hence, make sure that you get a manicure done so that your nails and hands are well primed. Getting frequent manicures at least once a month, three months before the wedding is highly recommended. This is to simply make sure that your nail beds are clean and healthy and that when any nail paint is applied to them, they will look elegant and beautiful. This is also extended to the pedicure to make sure that your feet are soft and supple with no harsh cracks or flaky skin of any sort. Thus, during the Mehendi ceremony, when pictures of your feet are clicked, they will look flawless and healthy.

2) Teeth whitening: There are going to be tons of pictures clicked during the wedding ceremony and festivities and you are going to show off your pearly whites a lot. However, to be confident enough to do so, your teeth must be spotlessly clean and white. Take good care of your teeth, avoid caffeine as it may stain your teeth and use a whitening toothpaste. You can also go visit a specialist or a dentist to help you out with the teeth whitening process. However, make sure that it is not overdone as it may look a little artificial and thus prominent.

3) Exfoliation and facials: The months leading up to the wedding can be extremely stressful. It also includes a lot of running around and with the amount of pollution in the air, your skin will not be in the best condition. Thus, make sure that you exfoliate your skin regularly. Indulge in a microdermabrasion treatment once in a few months to make sure that all the gunk from your pores is removed, which will lead to healthy and supple looking skin. Also, invest in good skincare products that will help you achieve that healthy bridal glow as well. Get a facial done once a month for at least three months leading to the wedding to ensure blood flow to the skin which will make it look clearer and bright.

4) Haircare: Another super important aspect that you have to take care of much in advance to the wedding is your hair. Keep in touch with your hairstylist to keep a tab on the health of your hair. Indulge in hair treatments if you feel like your hair is frizzy or dry such as keratin treatments or smoothening. It is also a good idea to invest in some hair masks that will help condition the hair in the long run. Also, make sure that your products have olive oil in them as olive oil will not only nourish your hair but will also give it that luster and shine that it lacks. It is also a good idea to get a haircut a month or two in advance so you give it time to set properly.

Thus, it is best to start your bridal services routine at least six months before your wedding day so that you look beautiful and well groomed. If you are looking for bridal services in Raipur, you can find them here.

Written by Pavithra Dennis

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