Everyone has crossed that stage where we had to leave our warm and cosy home and step out into the storm which is the real world. University dorms or college hostels, gave us nightmares and this was the last place that we wanted to end up. The shabbiness of the room , the remnants of the previous inhabitants of the room, the dirty walls marked with the cello tape and gum used to stick the posters which when ripped off took some cement with it….Knowing our country and their nature of misery, those walls are very unlikely to be white washed anytime soon. In such a scenario, you have to take up the arms yourself, and make your hostel room your second home. Because this is the place, you are going to spend most of time for the upcoming three to four years.

Read on to find some cost-effective ways to decorate your hostel room so that you feel less homesick and get attached to your own persona haven!

Cover up those shabby walls!

The walls are the first thing that will haunt you because of their dirty hand prints, foot prints, marks of cello tape or fevicol, cement coming off some part of them etc. You need to deal with the walls first, because this is the thing likely to take maximum time and the thing that you will be busy staring at more than half of the time. So, get your body moving and start making these walls good enough for you to stare at, while you are daydreaming or lost in the thoughts of certain someone…

You can either cover the whole area with chart papers of your favourite colour or you can print the posters of your favourite actors, movies, artists, celebrities, scenery or anything that you like in particular. Paint some posters yourselves and stick them up. These posters can also be your favourite quotes from books and Tumblr. You can also get your favourite photographs printed out and paste them in those places where the walls are especially shabby.


Bright Bedsheets and Pillow covers!

Your bed is going to be as dull as the rest of your room. You can buy bedsheets of bright colours, probably with floral designs or any other design that you prefer and with matching pillow covers to give your room a new approach. Make sure that these bedsheets are in accordance with your walls. If possible, decorate your room around a single theme and see how it works!


 Make your room more and more about yourself!

You are going to be away from your home for quite some time. You have your goals and your ambitions. You have to work hard and you cannot afford to moan or be home sick. Your room is the place where you are going to be half of the time and so, it is only necessary that you make yourself at home, quite literally. Bring your memories here – perhaps a photo frame, your favourite blanket or pillow, maybe your super cute teddy bear or a bunch of your favourite books. Lighten up the room with decorative lights so that your room is bright and has a very optimistic atmosphere. The main aim is to connect your hostel dorm to your home, so that you do not feel lonely or homesick. Your hostel room must emit good vibes that constantly tells you that you are at home. You must be able to study or work hard, breathe easily and sleep peacefully when you look all around your room.



Last but not the least, keep your room very neat and tidy. This will help you find your socks on time, as you should remember that you are on your own here and no one is going to get you your important file or book in the nick of time. So, what are you waiting for? Grab all the raw material from  Shopping stores in Raipur and make your room liveable and loveable!







Written by Deepanwita Dey

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