The world is so diverse now. Everyone’s path is different. No two people have everything in common nowadays. I might know something that you don’t. You might know something that I don’t. In such a scenario every opinion matters. Your opinion matters. Your opinion might be the advice I needed. It could be the answer I was looking for. And it might help many others as well.

And Contribution Points are our way of recognizing you and saying ‘Thank You‘.


In case you were wondering how Contribution Points are calculated, we have given the methodology for calculation below.

  • Posting a question – 10
  • Posting an answer – 10
  • Reviewing a business – 10
  • Rating a business – 2
  • If someone upvotes your answer – 5
  • If someone follows your question – 5
  • If someone upvotes your review – 5
  • If someone shares your answer – 5
  • If someone shares your question – 5
  • If someone shares your review – 5

So thanks again and have fun contributing. Ciao

Written by Bajith Sasidharan

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