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Civil Services: Everything that an Aspiring Candidate Needs to Know

Civil services are one of the most coveted positions in our country. For years together this has been one of the sought after career paths. With our nation developing and need for good, young, motivated and diligent leaders rising, the competition to clear this exam is only getting tougher. The responsibility of the civil services… Read more »

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Analyzing the Need for a Tutor

As society is getting more competitive, the demands of parents from children is continuously rising. Joining tuition and coaching classes has become a norm now. However, it is very essential and important to understand the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with sending your child to tuition. Private tuition can be advantageous. Sometimes students are… Read more »

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GMAT: The biggest leap to becoming a manager

With changing times pursuing a graduation has become a common trend amongst students. With increasing competition in all domains the demand for a seat in a good college for pursuing a management degree is on the rise. More and more youngsters aspire to go abroad to pursue their education in a B school. It is… Read more »

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Pen is Mightier than the Sword

In the past decade students have broken from the conventional trend and are exploring more off beat career options like journalism and art restoration rather than stereotypical conventional courses. In a developing nation like India there is huge scope for such off beat professions and all students need to be enlightened about the same so… Read more »

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Mini Handbook to your Dream University

After completing a Bachelors in technology degree in India most students aspire to go abroad and pursue a master’s degree and broaden their knowledge scope. To be able to achieve ones dream the student is required to take the GRE examination. The GRE examination or Graduate Record Examinations is accepted by thousands of graduate schools… Read more »

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Understanding the Black Coat before Putting It On

In recent times there has been a great inclination for students to pursue undergraduate degrees in law. Law is a field that is well established in our country and has been present since the Vedic ages. Just as any other walk of life, the competition to get into a good law school is also on… Read more »

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Choosing the Right Engineering College

In recent times Engineering has gained immense popularity amongst students. The number of students wanting to do a professional Bachelor’s degree is on the rise. Boys and girls alike, wish to do engineering. With increasing demand for seats in colleges, finding seats in colleges is becoming more and more difficult. Making the wrong choice of… Read more »

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Want to Become a Designer? Tips to Climb the Design Ladder

With the upcoming 21st century, technological advancements and the overall development in all sectors career choices are taking a whole new path. The monotonous engineering and medicine are being replaced by newer subjects. Students are becoming open to choosing the careers of their choice without parental and peer pressure.  They are opting to do what… Read more »

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SAT: The Biggest Step To Your Dream University

The SAT is a globally recognized and challenging college admission test that allows you to show colleges what you know and how well you can apply that knowledge practically and in daily life. It tests your knowledge and abilities in reading, writing and mathematics. Most students take the SAT during their 11th and 12th standard… Read more »