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Cheat Sheet on Staying Fit

Ever wondered how to shed that extra pound? Well, we have a cheat sheet that’s going to be your new best friend. The best cheat code to staying fit is finding the right workout regime for yourself. By this, you will look forward to every new day of training and will be motivated to sweat… Read more »

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Workout to Stay Fit, Slim and Trim

It’s not just dieting, a good exercise routine can also help you achieve weight loss. But in addition to that, it also helps burn calories while at the same time boosting the metabolism of your body and helping build muscles. There are many exercises out there which don’t require any gym equipment and can be… Read more »

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My strife with Aerobics

My journey to aerobics started from researching about what it is. There are two types of workouts – aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises include walking, swimming, biking, dance aerobics (freestyle aerobics, zumba) that strengthen your heart and lungs by improving your body’s ability to use oxygen. Whereas anaerobic exercises that help you build… Read more »