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The Joy of Gifting: How to Give Unforgettable Gifts

The dictionary defines gift as an item given to someone without the expectation of payment or reciprocity. We have a tradition of giving gifts and receiving them in kind. But, have you ever wondered why? Why do we give gifts? Why is it expected of us? What is the point of giving gifts? You give… Read more »

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2016: A NEW YEAR

How was 2015 for you? Not so great? A little depressing? Brooding over issues? Have you ever thought about the things that you may have been doing wrong? Read on and see what little changes you can make to your life which will help you drastically in the long run. Do you have mysterious voices… Read more »

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Tired of changing fashions? Too broke to buy new clothes every season? Can’t part with your old favorites? Adding to all the problems is it your dream to be a fashionista? Well, now all of this may just be an added advantage to modifying your summer wardrobe into the perfect winter collection! Leggings will be… Read more »

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Relax and Get Pampered by Finding Yourself the Right Massage

A good massage is truly a treat and offers many health benefits. In fact, there are over 200 different massage techniques and types, all treating different needs and providing various benefits. Here are some of the most popular massage types: Swedish massage: Makes use of long, sweeping strokes, usually used at the start and end of a… Read more »

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Double Wheeled Solution for All your Traffic Problems

Why ride a two wheeler? A two wheeler makes travelling very convenient because: It gets you through traffic, even the bumper-to-bumper kind. When it’s a short distance, you can save energy and time by hopping on your two wheeler, instead of walking it up. Parking is never a problem, as two wheelers take up very little… Read more »

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Do ghosts and spirits fascinate you? Or do they send a chill down your spine? Here’s a list of some of the most haunted places in India which you may choose to visit when around or drop out from your bucket list. P.S. for the faint hearted, grab on to something tight, you may need… Read more »

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Oral Hygiene

Everybody’s most unique possession is their smile. To have a perfect smile, is most people’s dream. To achieve this it is essential to have sparkly white teeth that are perfectly aligned just the way the show in television advertisements. Taking care of your teeth is very important from both appearance and hygiene aspects. With proper… Read more »

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Choosing Curtains for your Beautiful Home

Once you are done constructing your beautiful house, it is essential to place some nice artifacts and also put good curtains that complement the house and increase its aesthetic value. There are a variety of curtains available in the market and choosing the right one for your house can be quite a daunting decision. When… Read more »

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Choosing the Right Flooring for your Dream House

Building a new house is a mammoth task. It involves a lot of finer aspects like choosing the right type of flooring, decorative items, furniture, and paint color and so on. It is everyone’s dream to add the personal touch that they desire to their house. In order to successfully achieve this, it is essential… Read more »

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Bridal makeup- make up for the biggest occasion of your life

Being the most important day of your life it is essential for a bride to look her absolute best on her wedding day. Along with the shinning jewelry and a gorgeous wedding dress if the make-up and the hair do is inappropriate then their beauty are also marred.   So it’s very important to know… Read more »