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What should you look for while buying clothes?

There is no doubt that Clothes are like oxygen! It is inevitable for our existence and something impossible to live without. Wearing good clothes is even more important as your clothes give the first impression about your demeanour. It is your clothes which set the preconception and prejudices in the minds of others. You might… Read more »

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Boost Your Career: CCNA and CCNP

The world is turning more and more competitive, and with every passing day, the rat race for jobs in this economic setup is growing more and more intense. In this setup, the more qualified one is the more chances he has of getting the desirable jobs. Consequently, certificate courses of various sorts: foreign language, programming,… Read more »

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5 Bollywood Movies to look forward to in 2017!

2016 has been a mixture of good successes and failures in Bollywood industry. With some great films like Airlift, Dear Zindagi, Dangal, Sultan, M.S. Dhoni, Pink, Udta Punjab, Neerja etc. we have got the full dose of entertainment and also our part of disappointments! So, let us welcome 2017 on a positive note and hope… Read more »

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The Christmas Cake: A Brief History and A Simple Recipe

“Christmas, Christmas, time is near, Time for toys and time for cheer. We’ve been good, but we can’t last, Hurry Christmas, Hurry Fast.” Well, our wait is over and Christmas is almost here! Christmas has always been something to look forward to. It’s a time where we can see red, white and green everywhere. Christmas… Read more »

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Choosing the correct playschool for your child

In the early years a child is like a piece of dry sponge having the capacity to absorb and learn almost anything from the surroundings. The things that the child learns can be good or bad for them in the long run. The early years can have a really big effect on moulding the minds… Read more »

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TRAI’s 512 Kbps Minimum Speed Directive: Life in the Slow Lane

After a lot of wait, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has finally decided to have broadband internet service providers offer a minimum broadband speed of 512 kbps from the earlier 256 kbps. A 100% increase in minimum broadband speeds. It might seem impressive but it pales when we look at the broadband speeds offered… Read more »

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Making Your Leather Shoe Last Longer

For a lot of people, leather shoes are like a white elephant. they cost a lot more than normal shoes, they require regular maintenance,they can get damaged fast and worst of all you can’t use them often. But despite all of these things we go for leather shoes for one very simple reason,no other shoe… Read more »

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Tips to Impress your Employer During Your Interview

The first impression is the best impression. You can agree or disagree with the above statement but no one would disagree that during an interview when you don’t have a lot of time, the impression you make might as well impact the final result. So it makes sense for any candidate to prepare thoroughly before… Read more »

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Adding Deals & Offers through the QuickSearch App

We at QuickSearch have added a new feature recently called Deals through which any business or service can add any deal/offer that they want to advertise, whenever and wherever they want. It is pretty simple to add a deal on our app. Just follow the steps given below. But before that, in case you are yet… Read more »

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Claiming and Editing your Business through the QuickSearch App

Want to edit and claim your business on QuickSearch? Well, it is quite simple using the QuickSearch app. Just follow the steps given below in order to complete the process. But before we start, make sure that you have downloaded the QuickSearch App from playstore. After installing the app, it is ideal that you sign… Read more »