Ever wondered how to shed that extra pound? Well, we have a cheat sheet that’s going to be your new best friend. The best cheat code to staying fit is finding the right workout regime for yourself. By this, you will look forward to every new day of training and will be motivated to sweat it out. Would you be surprised that there are over five fun ways to do that?

Were you always fit when you were child? Because you danced around, jumped and played? Wish it was still the same? Then Zumba is the ideal workout routine for you. Lose yourself in an absolutely fun, ecstatic and intense workout routine and see a fitter you in a matter of a few months.


Do you ever feel nostalgic about your school days? When you were your band leader or on the march past team? Want to relieve the old memories and fulfill your present dreams? Aerobics is what you will thoroughly enjoy. With its rhythmic and repetitive movements you will shed calories even while you bite away into your favorite chocolate bar.


Were you Mama’s boy? Did you always help her shift boxes into the loft? Well, maybe now you can try lifting those dumbbells at the gym and raising your heartbeat with some exhausting cardio workouts.


Daddy’s little girl? Never moved a spoon? This solution won’t work half as fast as the others but still better than sitting on the couch for the entire day. Grab a hot cup of green tea rich in anti-oxidants which help in detoxification and increase your metabolic rate and if you manage to make the cup yourself, you will probably burn an extra two calories. This natural and easy remedy can be tried by everyone practicing all other workout types as well.


Are inner peace and serenity on the list of things you look forward to apart from toning your body? Then a graceful yoga routine every morning in the open will help you attain your goals. Yoga will also help you develop flexibility and rejuvenate you for the rest of your day.


Did you grow up punching rowdy boys while protecting your little sister? Do those times when you could kick your leg above your head motivate you to get fit again? MMA (mixed martial arts), is the ideal fitness regime that you should follow.


Was Hrithik Roshan your super model? Ever wanted those fluidic moves and the amazingly strong build? It’s never too late to try! Join an exciting and enthralling hip-hop or contemporary dance class.


Does this word remind you of yourself? Pilates is one form of exercise in which the way the exercise is done is far more important than the exercise itself. Being the perfectionist that you are, this workout regime will help you shed maximum kilos in a given amount of time. The smooth and rhythmic movements of Pilates are something most people enjoy.


Were you always the underweight child in your class? Did your mother always stuff you with food hoping you would get stronger? Who said workouts were only to lose weight? Calisthenics is the answer to anyone who wants to develop a stronger body. The powerful movements help enhance muscle strength.


Start now! Get fit!

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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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