In the early years a child is like a piece of dry sponge having the capacity to absorb and learn almost anything from the surroundings. The things that the child learns can be good or bad for them in the long run. The early years can have a really big effect on moulding the minds of children. It is at this time that they learn cognitive and reasoning skills. They would be introduced to various concepts and skills that they would later live with. For this reason, we should be very careful when choosing a playschool for them.

So keep the following things in mind when choosing a playschool for your child.


Neatness and Overall Hygiene

‘Kyonki Daag acche hote hai’ That is what a lot of those detergent ads seem to say. But that is something that you need to ignore when considering a Playschool. Neatness is paramount here. Children especially the young ones have a tendency to play around with anything and everything. It does not matter whether it is a brand new toy or just plain dirt. As long as it interests them, they will play with whatever they want. So always ake sure that the playschool maintain the highest standards of neatness and cleanliness. Make sure that the washrooms have the correct levels of sanitation. Your child would depend on the caretakers and teachers in the school on their well-being while they are in the playschool. So make sure they are clean and well groomed.

Levels of Safety and Security

As mentioned earlier, children and young and energetic. Because they don’t know about a lot of things they are also quite curious about the world around them. It is said that a newborn puppy does not fear a tiger. And why should a puppy fear a tiger when it might not even know what a tiger is. It is also the same for children. They fear nothing and are curious about everything. They can’t sit still even for a moment and are always on the move. So take this from a person who went missing three times as a kid and made his parents go nuts. Make sure that the playschool has a proper safety and security arrangement. Ask them school authorities if the main doors are locked with a child safety device and whether they are out of reach for the kids. Do they have security services? Is the school close to the main road? Do the gates remain locked etc.

Reputation and Other factors

Before choosing the playschool, ask around in your friend and family circle about the playschool. This will help you have a general idea of the school. Look at the reviews about the school on online platforms. You can ask parents of kids who were previously studied in the playschool about their opinion. Ask them the following questions:

  • How do the teachers interact with the children?
  • Are the staff friendly to the children?
  • How are the students taught?
  • What is the method of teaching like?
  • Do they have events or co-curricular activities intended to promote the mental development of children? (music, arts, dance etc. Children absorb and learn concepts fastest at this age. So it best if the schools have activities that will help them grow.)
  • What is the student to teacher ratio like? (An ideal one would be 20 students or lower per teacher since the teacher can give more attention to each student)
  • What are the timings of the playschool like? (At their age 2-3 hours of playschool is sufficient for a child)

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Written by Bajith Sasidharan

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