For all people alike, vacation is the best time of the year. In order to make your vacation fun and memorable it is essential to choose your travel destination wisely.

Every travel destination is very unique and the experience of visiting any place varies from person to person. A lot of factors determine what kind of destination any person will rejoice and feel rejuvenated in.

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Here are some basic guidelines to choosing your ideal vacation destination: 

  • Decide what you want to do most on your trip to rewind and relax: A lot of people enjoy adventure sports and camping, for such people usually hill stations and mountain peaks are advised as vacation spots. Similarly some people enjoy history and archaeology, the best location for people with such interests will be a city with a lot of colloquial touch to it and a lot of history engraved in its walls. Cities like Rome and Egypt will be preferred for such people. The need to select your travel destination based on what activity you wish to pursue or perform is essential as it will be a key determinant in deciding how much you will enjoy. A person who enjoys water activities will completely dislike a vacation to a dessert region. A family travelling with children will naturally prefer a place with theme parks and other child friendly recreational activities.
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  • Visas: If you are travelling to a foreign destination then make sure you have all your visa requirements ready well in advance. There are multiple places across the world which you can visit without a visa if you are an Indian passport holder. Visiting such a place might be a good idea as you will cut down on unnecessary visa expenses.
  • Vaccinations: Though this might be a factor that doesn’t come into use in most cases, in certain situations it is essential. All people visiting certain African diseases need to go through a series of medical tests and vaccinations in order to be deemed fit and to also take a preventive measure from not being affected by any disease present there. So before you decide on your destination make sure you have all these points covered.
  • Safety Issues: As we all know there is toil and turmoil in a lot of places and racism also exists in certain places. Prevention is better than cure. Hence it is always better to find about the political and civil stability of the place you plan on visiting and also their acceptance of visitors and foreigners. If you are visiting a place within your own country then follow the daily newspaper regularly for an update about the safety situation in various places.
  • Budget: This is a very important factor while deciding your vacation destination, as a wrong estimate may lead you to spending way more than you had originally planned or even curb you from performing all the activities and roaming the destination well due to budget restraints. Though some places may be expensive to reach, the local expenditure on things like stay and food may be low due to the local economy. Hence it is advisable to do a thorough research on all such aspects before finalizing your destination.
  • Language: Communication is essential while travelling so that nobody takes you for a ride or mugs you. It is beneficial if you know the local language, else learn minimal communication in the language of the place you are going to, for instance, learning to ask “where is the washroom?” can be very essential.
  • Timing: The time period during which you travel to the destination can determine a lot of things regarding how you enjoy the vacation. If you go during peak winter to a hill station your entire vacation may be ruined as most hill stations are almost completely shut during such situations. Also visiting any destination during non-peak season my help beat the crowd and visit locations and explore with more ease. Some countries like the Middle Eastern countries also have strict fasting and eating rules during their holy month of Ramadan and hence your vacation dinner plans etc. may not turn out as expected. Hence, it is important to find an ideal time to travel.

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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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