In recent times people have begun converting their rooms into showcases of what they love most. It is everybody’s dream to convert their room into a paradise that is filled with stuff they love the most. No matter what you like, you can always convert it into a theme for your room and surround yourself with things that lift your spirits. Modern accessories and the range of decorating freedom available today ensures that you can choose any theme that you want. But with so many varied options available, the question is, which is the best way to go around modifying your room theme according to your taste?


Modifying your room involves much more than simply reorganizing things and throwing away stuff that doesn’t fit in. Given below are certain steps that will help you achieve this mammoth task:

  • Pick a theme that you are truly passionate about: Though this might sound like something that is very obvious, it still is a very important step and tip. As many a time what happens is that people get confused between what their passion is and what they are temporarily fascinated by. You should pick a theme which you are comfortable being surrounded by 24/7. As once you start decorating changing the theme half way is expensive, time consuming and tedious. Changing the theme a few months after completion because you are bored of it is also a waste of money.
  • Try picking a theme for which you can shop locally and find decoration items easily: If you pick a theme that allows you to bring in your furniture and accessories from the local market, then it saves you tons of money and time. Apart from making life a lot easier, you may also be getting better deals as you will always know the local market a lot better and will feel comfortable shopping at home. This way a lot of precious time and money is saved.
  • Surroundings and the rest of your house: With the newly available technological advancements it is advisable to obtain a computer generated preview of how your room theme goes along with the rest of the house and also the general setting in which your home is located. For example, a chess board theme in a house that is otherwise based on a traditional theme will look funny and out of place. It is also essential to see that the theme of your room fits with the surrounding. For example, if your house is located on the beach and your theme is a cave setting then the two don’t go together in any way and it will look extremely funny.
  • Ensure that the theme fits with the space available: Certain themes will require a lot more space than others as they need a far grander look to that adds to the fascinating element. Some others are perfect for smaller rooms. It is always a good idea to pick a theme that you love and also fits well within the available space. Do not try to blindly copy a style that you have seen somewhere in a far more spacious room as it can come off very badly with the dimensions changed.
  • Plan according to your needs and budget: Remember that you do not have limitless amount to spend on your theme, so pick something that will allow you to decorate your room in an ample fashion while still falling in your budget. One very important factor to keep in mind is that the theme should not in any way compromise the comfort of the room or the utility of the room. Having a room that looks great but is uncomfortable is pointless. Picking the right theme for your room is all about mixing the perfect aesthetics with your taste and some wonderful creativity. Themes can vary from the classic favorites like the beach, stars, animal print and sky and green living to something unorthodox like sports themes, monuments and even movie sets. It is all about going in a direction that your heart and mind point towards and coming up with an idea that will make waking up every morning fun.


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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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