Want to edit and claim your business on QuickSearch?

Well, it is quite simple using the QuickSearch app. Just follow the steps given below in order to complete the process. But before we start, make sure that you have downloaded the QuickSearch App from playstore.

After installing the app, it is ideal that you sign in through Gmail provided below in the sign in/sign-up initally.

Claiming your Business

Followed by that repeat the process given below.

  1. Click on the Search icon given in the homepage and search for your business like in the example given below.
  2. Go to your business details page and click on the edit option given below in the page.
  3. On clicking on the edit option, you would find the option to claim the business. There are two options through which you can claim your business. One is through selecting your business phone number from the list given below and sending an OTP to it. On submitting the OTP you get to the business edit page. The other the manual claim option where you need to submit your phone number and out business experience experts will give you a call and help you claim your business.

Editing Your Business

  1. Assuming that you have claimed your business. There are two ways in which you can edit your business.
  2. The first one is to go to your business profile and click on the edit option.
  3. The other option is to go to the menu and click on owned by me. Since you have already claimed your business, you would see your business in the owned by me section.
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  4. Click on the edit option to edit your business. Through the Edit option you can make changes to Name, Phone number/s, Adress, Locality, City, Business email, Add or remove categories, keywords, description etc. You can also choose to add more photos.
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Written by Bajith Sasidharan

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