Gone are the days when children had to go outdoors to play, or wait for the rain to stop to get some entertainment. In this digital era, children are spoilt for choice. The dilemma arises with choosing which gaming console to buy. With the Gameboy and Nintendo DS being obsolete, we are now left to choose from the other more advanced and more expensive options.

These gaming consoles are now also a fad amongst teenagers and a few categories of office goers. Not just that, now gaming has also become a serious full time profession. It is often very confusing to choose the right gaming device. These devices are heavily priced, so it is essential to buy something that doesn’t become archaic in a short period of time.


Some of the most popular gaming devices:

1) Sony PlayStation 4: The Sony PlayStation 4 offers highly advanced features, excellent variety of games and new innovative technology. The PS4 offers markedly better graphics and games than the previous-generation consoles and appeals to both gamers and media lovers. PS4 primarily focuses on high-quality video games, providing smoother, more immersive gameplay than any other console.  The system comes with a 500GB hard drive, and if you need more storage space, Sony offers simple instructions for installing a new hard drive of your choice. The system is constantly improving with free and regular system updates, and if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus you’ll get access to even more value.

2) Microsoft Xbox One: this gaming console has been designed and crafted with topnotch skills and is sure to be around for some years to come. As a media hub, the system combines great gaming experiences with cable TV, Skype and streaming services. The system lags behind the PlayStation 4 in terms of raw power, but it is leaps and bounds ahead of the Nintendo Wii U and the previous console generation. Xbox one has the best games available like Clash of Clans and Call of Duty; it is a multimedia hub and has the best multiplayer user support system. It is built for the future and hence is a wise investment for any gamer.

3) Microsoft Xbox 360: The Xbox 360 is not the latest, but stays at the top if console rankings. It still offers the highest number of media apps and also offers over 1000 high quality games. The Xbox 360 sets itself apart as a great entertainment hub through Xbox Live, the premium online service that allows its member’s access to online multiplayer and cross-game party chat.

4) Nintendo Wii U: The Wii U’s gamepad is an amazing controller and the device offers immense potential. The Wii U uses unique hardware that requires game developers to develop games for this specifically. Unfortunately, there is a lot of wasted potential with the Wii U. Although the console supports up to two Gamepads, there aren’t any games that utilize this feature. All multiplayer games use last-generation Wii remotes instead. Perhaps the biggest flaw with the Wii U is its antiquated online service. The Nintendo Network requires Friend Codes to connec with others online. You cannot search for players that you met in multiplayer sessions, and the system does not support party and cross-game chat with your friends. Despite all its flaws Nintendo perhaps offers some of the all time favourite games like Mario, which entertains people of all age groups.

5) Sony PlayStation 3: Even though the next version of the PlayStation is out, some people still prefer this version for its ease of use and flexibility with multi-player gaming. It is one of the last consoles of Sony that uses unique and proprietary technology. PlayStation 3 is an amazingly powerful gaming console. It uses a high-powered graphics card and a unique cell processor. The biggest advantage to the PlayStation 3 is its free online service, the PlayStation Network. Once you’ve created an account, you can play games online, access the store and download a variety of media apps.

6) PSP Vita: This is the ultimate hand held gaming device, best suited for people who don’t     have enough time to sit in one place and play but love to game. PSP is suited for on the move gaming. The PSP Vita is a complete redesign of the old PSP 3000; instead of going smaller it went bigger. It is a complete re-structure inside out. This version of the PlayStation Portable is both, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.



The choice of buying the right gaming console is a tough one. It is important to choose the console based on factors like usage, age group and convenience.

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Happy gaming!

Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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