Chhattisgarh is one of the youngest states in India with a population of 25.5 million and also one of the fastest growing; and is expected to play a key role in the development of whole country. The growth in literacy rate from 2001 to 2011 is about 10%. This clearly indicates the growing focus on education which also means the number of students aspiring for higher education is increasing. Like in many other cities, you can find coaching classes for all the major courses like UPSC, CAT, PSU, BANKS, AIEEE etc here. The top institutes that attract most students in Raipur have established themselves in other major cities also like Bilaspur, Durg-Bhilai etc. They have also extended the number of courses they offer, to target large number of students. Consequently the number of students approaching thesm is increasing. Easiest way to find courses offered by any institute in Raipur is to check online with one of the local search engines.

There are many coaching institutes in Raipur and many of them are known for their specialization. Like Mahendra institute for Banking, Path IAS Academy, IMS, Career Launcher for CAT etc. The competition between the top two for any course is intense and they keep vying with each other to get the top students. The throughput of top coaching classes is high too and they have a really good record in making their students crack these exams. Each of these coaching centres usually conducts four sessions starting from morning to night with each session lasting for about four hours. That gives the students flexibility and allows them to choose a session as per their free time schedule. For a typical coaching centre, the course period would be between 3 months and 1 year and mocks tests would be conducted on every Sunday to ensure student’s benchmarking. Fee levels here are lower compared to other major cities. Teachers and Trainers are well verse with the courses offered and have good domain knowledge about the examinations and type of questions asked. Most of the teachers who come here on rotational basis are very experienced and have cracked these courses long ago. Some people from management team in these institutes are directly linked to the boards that conduct the competition examinations. That is very helpful to the aspiring students in these institutes as they would be sure of staying updated with each and every aspect of the exam. Students here are generally hard working and motivated to achieve bigger dreams in their life.

As preparation material, students are given course materials at the start of the course which is detailed enough. I believe just a sincere compilation of these would go a long way in enabling students to crack these exams. Even for students who could not afford full term courses, solving these course materials would give him/her a good chance to crack the exam.

Demand for coaching for government jobs or secured job is high too. Students here are definitely price sensitive and also look for track record of the coaching institute. Many students who attend coaching institutes also work part-time and thus they prefer flexible timings. Throughout India, Kota is well known for IIT Coaching but within Chhattisgarh Bhilai is also considered to be one of the preferred destination by the IIT aspirants. If we check on stats, since 2009, at least 60 students were representing from institutes in Bhilai. While the conversion rate whole over the country is nearly 2% for IIT’s, it is 20% at Bhilai (source) which shows the effectiveness of the coaching institutes here. For students who wish to join a coaching centre, we would advise them to check the previous records of the institute and if possible try to consult a student who is currently studying or already studied through that coaching institute. Discuss about the quality of study material followed, mock tests and teaching methods of the institute. We understand that fee does play important role but don’t compromise that to quality of teaching. To find out coaching centres nearby you can always call 09 2233 2233 3. While the 1 – 2 year of hard work that you would put during coaching would be the key determinant of your result, the effort spent on choosing the right institute would also be equally worthwhile.

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