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Makeup can change the entire look of a person and playing with it is quite fascinating. The pictures on floating across the internet look like goals. We have all tried recreating those stunning makeup looks and failed so many times! But it does not have to stay like that!

Most of the times, we end up messing our makeup because we are making tiny mistakes which can be easily fixed!



Concealer is a great way to correct any dark areas/spots on the face. The most common area where a concealer is mostly used is the under eyes area. But the most common problem with this is that the concealer begins to crack or settle into creases after some time.

To fix this, begin by making sure that your under eye area is well moisturised. Then apply an eye primer. Go on with your normal make up routine and after having applied the concealer, set it with a powder. You will notice a difference certainly!



This happens when you end up buying a product which is the wrong shade for your skin tone. Sometimes, you may also get a very ashy and dry look if your skin is not clean and well moisturised.

To fix this issue, always test the shade on your jawline or neck area and find the closest match. To get smooth skin, exfoliate it well enough before doing your makeup and moisturize or prime it well. Use a moisturiser according to your skin tone.


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You know that time when you go out for having something and then when you take a look at yourself in the mirror, your lipstick is wiped off. But the troubling part is that the lip liner still shows! And that looks super weird! So, how can you fix this?

Begin with eating in a decent way. While doing your lip makeup, fill in your lips using the lip liner and then apply your lipstick. This will ensure no harsh lines. After applying your lipstick, mattify it using a little bit of baby powder. This will make the color stay.



Now contouring is not a blunder at all, unless you make it one! And chances are, that most ladies will! We all love those defined cheekbones and a sculpted look but for an everyday purpose, this technique is way too harsh and unnecessary! It is best left to the professionals. In broad daylight, the outlines will show and look artificial! A lot goes into creating the perfect contour which makes Kim Kardashian look striking from every angle. Besides, it is a tad too much for every day.

If at all you think it is absolutely necessary, go for a bronzer instead. It is much softer and easier to work with. It is also less time consuming and more natural.



Written by Varnika Chauhan

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