It is that time of the year when class 12th pass outs decide upon one of the most important choices in their life. It is the time of college admissions. While for some it is all about getting into the engineering or medical streams, when it comes to it, there are many other professional courses out there that are equally lucrative for a student in terms of career opportunities. Given below are some of them:
Fashion Designing
A career in fashion designing is a very popular option for a lot of students after class 12th offering students a chance to make a name for themselves. Fashion Design involves the design of clothes and other lifestyle accessories. Success in this field requires creativity and a good sense of style. Students can either pursue degree courses from colleges or take admission for diploma courses. You can get a list of Fashion Designing Colleges in Raipur here.
 Fashion Designing 2
Short for Bachelor of Architecture, B.Arch is a 5-year long professional course which deals with planning and construction of homes, offices and other structures. After graduation, you can get jobs in the construction sector or in architecture firms as an architect, resource manager, or a consultant. You could even start your own firm planning and designing the home of your dreams.
An unlikely course for a PCM student but still a good option, this course would give you a foothold into the pharmaceutical industry. This 4-year course would have you deal topics like making medicines, uses of medicines etc. After graduation you can get jobs as chemists, government sector, medical representatives or you can even start your own medical store which requires a B.Pharma degree in order to get a license. You can also opt to do the M.Pharma. You can get a list of B.Pharma Colleges in Raipur here.
 B Pharma
Commercial Pilot Training
Interested students are required to attend a Flight Training School to become a pilot. After passing Class 12th, you can join the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Training programme if you meet certain educational and medical qualifying criteria. Most of the institutes would have a Pilot Aptitude Test which candidate would need to clear to be selected.
The Armed Forces
To appear for the NDA exam, you need to be 19 years old or younger in addition to passing the Class 12th exam. After clearing the exam and the SSB interview, you can get admission to National Defense Academy in Pune where you can also do B.Sc courses in addition to military training and studies. After 3 years of NDA and one year at IMA, you would be posted as an officer of the Indian Armed Forces. You can get an NDA Coaching Classes in Raipur here.
 Armed Force
Merchant Navy
A career in the Merchant Navy is a lucrative option for a student since the pay is very high in this career. There are many jobs available for Marine Engineer, sailor etc. There are a variety of courses available as well based on the job you aim for from Marine Technology engineering to diplomas courses for sailors. To get into the Merchant Navy you would need to do a Diploma in Engineering in relevant branches alongside Pre Sea Training.
 MErchant Navy
Fire Safety and Technology
Another Professional course students can opt for is a Diploma in Fire Safety and Technology with numerous institutes offering diploma as well as certification programs for the course. The duration of this course is between 1-3years followed by which you could get jobs as Safety Engineer, Fire Safety Officer, Safety, Management professional, Safety Technology Consultant. You can get a list of Fire and Safety Institutes in Raipur here.
Fir Safety
For students, the professional course that you pick after Class 12th is a very important matter which could decide on their future path. Therefore, candidates should choose a course only after they have looked at every little detail relating to the course including its scope and opportunities.

Written by Lekshmi Sasidharan

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