The world today is moving at a very rapid pace. Now from booking the next flight to New Delhi to paying taxes, everything is done using a couple of clicks on your laptop or a couple of swipes on your smartphone. Technology has really advanced and has caught the world in a frenzy. However, this advancement has not come for free and even if this advancement in the field of science & technology means more work in less time, human beings have sacrificed their health for this advancement. The lifestyle of human beings has become more and more sedentary and in order to check this sedentary lifestyle, doctors have advised many a people to exercise regularly and to take regular breaks from their offices and go out to new places. These getaways will make them feel much better. However, in modern scenario, nobody has either the time or the patience to look for bookings or to plan an itinerary. The same situation prevails in the capital of Chhattisgarh i.e. Raipur.

However, Raipur is blessed with many travel agents. Some of the travel agents that we are going to see can plan out the whole itinerary of the tour, while some on the other hand are responsible only for bookings. Ice Cubes services situated near the new bus stand are famous for its car hire services. Remember that Ice Cubes Services’ office is near the new bus stand and not the old one. SMT is a great place to have your railway tickets done. SMT is situated in the New Shanti Nagar area of Raipur and is one of the best places to have your railway tickets done. The agent is a genuine one and will tell you the number of seats that are available in all the trains of the place where you want to go. Raipur Travels at the famous M.G. Road is another example of a travel agent who specializes in air travel. They will sort out the cheapest flights for you and will also tell you the nearest dates on which you can have some more discounted offers.

If one wishes to go to Chennai and other parts of South India and visit the great temples and the beaches of Chennai, then you must visit MM tour and travels. This travel agency is situated at Pandri, right opposite to the LIC building. These guys without breaking any sweat will not only book tickets for you to Chennai but will also plan out the whole itinerary for you including travelling in the city and hotels. The medium of transportation will be decided by you and once that has been decided they will plan out the whole of the itinerary. This is one heck of a service and is a must use if you want to travel to the southernmost parts of India.

On the GE road, the famous on line ticketing portal Make My Trip has got its office and they also plan out your whole trip including the airfare, the buses and the hospitality part. Thus, there is no dearth of quality travel agents in Raipur.

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