Throughout the most recent couple of years, Indian retailers have commented about a drop in their business in light of the popularity in e-commerce. From day by day basic supplies to autos, everything is accessible there on the online stage. The day may not be far while hair cutting salons, photography studios, and so on will likewise accompany online applications. Application based way of life has unquestionably profited the basic man, who generally needed to lose rest over the considered experiencing activity conditions notwithstanding to buy staple goods. However, as is commonly said, everything has a few focal points and elements to be considered. The same is the situation with e-commerce.



Here are the many biggest disadvantages of e-commerce which for all intents and purposes influences all the online customers:

1. Sedentary Lifestyle:

The bug of web shopping has bitten common in practically for every basic man who was fed up of the hurdles and a lot of efforts of the physical shopping. Indeed, even the remotest corners of India has seen an expansive ascent in the size of e-commerce. However, what these individuals don’t understand is the potential harm that the inactive way of life that has come about because of e-shopping. Individuals these days purchase even their most critical things on the web. This has brought about a radical fall in the level of exercises. This has expanded the danger of sicknesses like diabetes,  and a few other dangerous diseases. It is vital to walk 10000 stages a day to keep oneself fit. In any case, this tough necessity is kept up by an infinite number of individuals as it were.

2. Disappointing Delivery:


Now this issue has been confronted by many individuals. Once a report was distributed in a main every day about how a delivery box from an e-commerce site contained a stone rather than the desired material. That was only a little case how things can go astray in web shopping even with little logistical error. The more worst thing is that the return strategies are not in the slightest easy  as simple as they are projected and expected from the customer.

3. Quality unreliability:

Shopping online

Shopping online

Often online customers confront an issue where they gripe that the nature of the material wasn’t in the same class as it appeared on the screen. This is likewise a serious concern which ought to be investigated  by the concerned powers. The quality check methods ought to be most likely done all the more entirely to maintain a strategic distance from the failure of the lazy customers.

4. Loss of the feel:

People who have been inclining toward the pattern of internet shopping to physical shopping have likely overlooked the delight that physical shopping carries with itself. There is a joy in bargaining that one cannot find when shopping online. Shopping with friends for some important events is constantly enjoyed there in that way.

5. Price Factors:

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Another issue that has been influencing individuals is the costs and the delivery charges. A few products are overrated even after the so called discounts that are shown. In addition, conveyance/delivery charges have ended up being another burden for the shoppers. Most locales don’t offer free delivery underneath a specific sum



6. Shipping costs


Numerous sites convey your requests without charging the delivery cost. However a considerable lot of them don’t do that. Various sites, as a part of a keen advertising trick, do exclude the transportation cost while giving out the cost of a thing. It might be minutely said toward the end of the screen which numerous would not, in any case notice.  You have no choice but to agree with it. Shipping costs much of the time raise the cost of an article and you may wind up purchasing it at a rate higher than from a local business.

Written by Anmisha Reddy

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