Indian weddings are known for their glamour, extravagant clothing and appetizing food. Each wedding is more grandiose than the other. Right from the decorations and the photography every element focuses essentially on the central theme.

The bride and the groom look flawless and their absolute best on this very momentous and special day in their lives. But to look picture perfect there is a lot of backstage work that is required.


Bright red lehengs have been a fad in Indian culture for decades now. With matching bangles and fore arm length mehndi. Big earrings and heavy neck pieces add to the complete traditional look. However, bright red does not suit everyone. So it is extremely important to choose something that suits your body and nature and at the same time is trendy and fashionable.

Many popular designers have now started designing more affordable bridal wear collections helping everyone look stunning on their big day. Ritu Kumar and Rohit Bal are some of the better known names in the bridal wear fashion industry.

Some common tips to follow while finding the perfect lehenga for your body type are:

  • The heavy-Bottom type or the ‘Pear shaped’:Do not choose a hip hugging dress, choose a bridal wedding lehenga with simple and straight cuts. While wearing a sari do not go for the heavy bordered ones and choose a light printed sari, as bold prints will add more volume to your shape and frame.
  • The heavy on top shape:Do not choose a hip hugging lehenga for your marriage, choose a dress with simple and straight cuts. While wearing a sari do not go for the heavy bordered ones and choose a light printed sari, as bold prints will add more volume to your shape and frame.
  • ‘Hour-glass shape’:With this kind of figure almost all types of dresses will suit you. You have to select your dress keeping in mind your height, and complexion.
  • The slim shape:If you are of the slim figure then choose a dress that will add volume to your frame, to achieve this a lehnga or saree made of tissue cloth or cloth which gives a baggy fit will work wonders. The same holds true if you are wearing a gown, you can go for fluffy, balloon look around your waist giving you a fuller look.
  • The Heavy from all sides shape: For these shapes avoid any kinds of pleated or flared clothing or bold prints and horizontal lines, prefer single color attires, vertical line dresses, and slender heels, avoid chunky jewelry.
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While choosing lehengas, color plays a very important role in determining how you will look on the big day. The color of the lehenga will add to the radiance on your face and make you look more graceful and elegant provide it suits your skin tone. Some important tips related to selecting the color of your lehenga are:

  • Very Fair skinned people: It is preferable that dark and rich colors are worn if the skin tone is fair. Some other colors that can be experimented with are White, Pink or shades of Blue. Try to avoid shades of brown.
  • Fair Skin:Wear neutral colors, Try avoiding bright colors if you have ‘warmer’ i.e. a pinkish coloring to your skin tone. Best colors for you are, cool pink, blue, yellow pastels.
  • Gold or Brown undertones: For Whitish skin tone it is best to wear rich and warm colors like shades of Orange, gold and brown, and shades of grey in lighter colors. Avoid bright colors and pastels.
  • Dark undertone:Wear pale colors, such as shades of yellow and blue. For brighter colors, wear true reds and bright greens. Avoid black and white.

Never is any outfit complete without accessories, same holds true for wedding dresses. Choosing the appropriate jewelry helps boost the look of the outfit and also enhances the brides look.

  • Always have a picture of your lehenga/sari or have a piece of the fabric: Use this to compare the metals, and the colors of the jewelry that you are planning to buy. The gold embroidery on the lehenga and the gold of your jewelry has to look like they belong together. The pictures will help you make a wise decision.
  • Know your measurements: Know the length of the chains and neck pieces that you will require and also the dimensions of the bangles and rings that you will be adorning. This will help save shopping time.
  • Choose wisely: Wedding jewelry is priced exorbitantly. Hence, it only makes sense to choose something that will look exquisite, ravishing and wedding suited but also make sure that it is something that you can wear to some other occasion or event as well.
  • Find a style that suits you: A lot of times people make the mistake of buying their jewelry based on how it looks on a model. The model possibly has a different face cut, jaw line etc. which makes it suit her but will not look exactly the same on you. So always try the pieces on jewelry before finalizing it.
  • Pick earrings based on your hairstyle: If you’re planning to bun your hair on your wedding day, choose earrings that are mid length yet make you look graceful and elegant. If you plan on letting your hair loose, choose longer earrings which will be visible beyond your tresses.

Following these simple tips will help you look gorgeously stunning on your big day. It is best for everyone to hire a designer and stylist to help you get everything point perfect.

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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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