With the festive season around the corner, everyone is thinking of unique and creative ways to decorate their homes. While repeating ideas can be boring and some ideas very expensive to recreate, decorating one’s home may seem to be a tedious and difficult process. There are many themes and designs that one can try this festive season to make their house look attractive and spirited. Some easy to do decoration options are:

  • All wrapped up: If you have a beautiful Christmas tree with a glowing star on top, then why not make it the star of your living room? Line down presents in an orderly fashion under it and wrap up all the gifts with a monotone gift wrapping paper with a simple ribbon tied around it complementing the shade of the star on top. Keep all the living room furniture in a similar monotone color so that all the attention is diverted to the tree in the center. You can also boost up the atmosphere of the surroundings by placing cushions of a similar color on your living room sofa sets.617164-ictcrop_gal
  • Exquisite entry: All decoration starts at the entry of the house. It is essential to ensure that the entry of the house looks good and elite and not gaudy. The standard red and green decoration colors can be used else a more elegant combination of green, white and silver, or light blue, dark blue and silver can be used. Having a good entrance decoration always helps to liven up and make the house look more festive.
  • Count it down: How many days until Santa’s arrival? It’s all in the festive display. While we all love the chocolate filled calendars, this stackable idea is so much more surprising. Gather and fill a bunch of containers (jars, soup cans, boxes) with holiday treats. Top them off with colorful tissue paper and label from 1 to 25 with number stickers.722563-ictcrop_gal
  • Lights all over: Colorful lights always help in lightening and uplifting the mood of the house. Set up lights in the shape of a wreath or reindeer horns. It will be in the spirit of the festival and will also look pleasing. LED bulbs can be used to add a subtle and pleasant effect.
  • Mantle Makeover: Place plain white wrapping paper on your mantle place and then place floating candles in class cups on it. This will add an exquisite touch to the place and make the place look cozy and elegant.
  • Grand entrance: Focus on making your entryway shine. Add seasonal flair (lush green garland, ornaments, and pinecones) to your stairwell and front foyer for a wow-worthy first impression. This will make the entry seem more royal and grand and will help add to the festive feeling of the house.885758-ictcrop_gal
  • Cutlery: A simple dinner party can easily turn into an elegant dining experience with the right touches like metallic placemats, silver embellished napkin rings, and a few ornaments scattered around the table. Getting red and green napkins and paper towels, to contrast an elegant white and golden lined table cloth will add to the festivities. The cutlery lined on the table should complement the table cloth and a simple bow tied around the table chairs will help increase the style quotient of the dining area.885742-ictcrop_gal
  • Modern touch: Instead of placing a wreath on your front door, modify the decorations by placing ornaments tied with ribbons on your main door. Small jingle bells wound with golden ribbon can be used.1230342-ictcrop_gal

Following these simple yet elegant decorative tips will help your house look fabulous this Christmas. Enjoy the spirit of this festive season will great style and pomp!

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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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