Skin is the largest and one of the most important organs in the human body. It helps you with the most basic and essential functions like respiration. Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things to do in your daily routine.


Skin care isn’t as complicated as it seems, that is if catered to with good quality cosmetic products which help nourish, cleanse and protect it. There are many such reputed and well-known brands, which makes choosing the right one a though task.

The right way to choose a cream or face wash is by finding something that leaves your skin feeling fresh and untouched. The product should let your skin breathe and not clog pores. Most importantly it should help maintain the pH balance of your skin.

Maintaining your skin quality and condition is essential to prevent your skin from ageing, wrinkling and sagging. Resveratrol a unique ingredient present in certain skin care products helps in fighting skin ageing and also helps delay the process. The resveratrol maintains the water balance in your skin helping your skin look soft, supple and fresh.

After a long and tiring day at work, one’s skin becomes stretched and pale. It then becomes important to prevent de-colorization and excess stress. A lot of brands have facial cell regeneration creams but only those of good quality have any useful effect.

Like any other organ in your body, the skin also needs essential nutrients. One of the most important is Vitamin C. Though a person can gain sufficient amounts of Vitamin C externally by consuming oranges and other citric fruits, at times it may still be insufficient. Hence, choosing a skin care product which supplies you with such vital nutrients becomes important. The Vitamin C is the underlying factor which provides your skin with a natural glow. When the body is tried the skin also tends to lose its luster.

People with oily skin are usually faced by the problems of acne and pimples. Hence, it is very essential that they continuously wash their face and prevent any oil build up. This can be a very tiring routine if the face wash that one is using isn’t of the best quality. It is best to compliment your face wash with a face cream that prevents oil build up and pore clogging. Many brands provide oil control face creams.


Ignoring skin care can have grave detrimental effects. Premature ageing, dark spots, and pigmentation are few of the consequences. Here arises the need to find a trustworthy and reliable cosmetic brand. The best way to analyze a brand is to read multiple reviews and of the same.

Some simple tips to help keep your skin healthy and glowing:

  • Clean your skin with a gentle cleanser each night before bedtime. Look for cleansing products with gentle exfoliants like sea salt which help to loosen the blackheads. Cleansers containing salicylic, alpha hydroxy or lactic acid aid in dissolving dirt and oil, thus unclogging the pores.
  • Taking supplements of vitamin A or Zinc, under the guidance of your physician, is a good idea to help control the sebum production and thereby lessen the occurrence of blackheads.
  • It is essential to follow a good skin care routine (irrespective of age) including cleansing and moisturizing and the use of a good sunscreen daily.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet and follow a good exercise routine, drink adequate water and find time for rest and relaxation as well.

Important tips for dealing with acne:

– Use sunscreen religiously, twice in a day, irrespective of the season or whether you’re indoors or outdoors
– Keep your skin clean, by rinsing your face more often with cold water
– Drink more water and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

-Don’t use anything harsh on the skin
– Don’t squeeze the blackhead or pimple
– Don’t exfoliate with harsh granular scrubs
– Don’t buy over the counter products without guidance
– Don’t wax hair from areas like face, chest and back
– Don’t use excess of topical creams (less is more)
– Don’t use rough towel to dry the face

You can also visit a dermatologist and take tips on skin care methods best suited for your skin type. Visit the QuickSearch website to find a good dermatologist near you.

Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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