Just like haircuts, eyebrow shapes aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your perfect brows depend on the dimensions of your face. And the right arches can not only emphasize your eyes and make you look younger, they can even let you get away with wearing less makeup. Lets know the best eyebrow shapes which looks great on your face shape. So before you head out to the salon for your next threading appointment , make sure you read this first!

How to pick shapes of eyebrows for shapes of faces perfectly



Heart: Face strongly tapers towards the chin. The chin tends to be pointy.

Square: Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are of the same width.

Round: The face width and length are almost same.

Diamond: Face is highly angular and somewhat bony. It is widest at the temples.

Long: You have elongated features from face to chin.

Oval: You have a wider forehead with prominent cheek bones. Face gracefully tapers towards the chin.






Oval Face Shape

Any shape suits well on the person with oval face cut but curved eyebrows look exceptional. A soft angled eyebrow is what suits this face best. Usually most of the hair styles also look good on such people. Also a soft angled eyebrow is the most common eyebrow shape.




Long Face Shape

If you have a long face, your aim would be to make it look rounder. Avoid the arch eyebrows; It will only make your face longer. Keep your eyebrow shapes flat. Flat eye brows with a slight downward curve or no curve at all, tens to reduce the length of the face making it seem rounder. This is the perfect choice of all the eyebrows shapes for long face.





Round Face Shape

The goal is to make a round face appear less round by making the face look longer. A high arched eyebrow gives an up down look and elongates the face. People with a round face should stay away from rounded eyebrows, this face the face look more round. If one is not comfortable with highly arched brows, one can also opt for a soft angled eyebrow





Square Face Shape

You need to adopt a look that will soften your look and even elongate the look of your features a little if your looking for a more feminine look. Try a rounder shape or a low soft arch with medium thickness. You don’t want to go too thin or too thick with this face shape. This will tone down your otherwise strong features.




Heart Face Shape

The aim is to soften the striking curves of the face with rounded eyebrows. So that the face looks like a typical heart, with rounded tops and pointy bottom. Rounded brows give a soft feminine look where as sharp curves further angle the face. Best choice for heart shape is a rounded eyebrow with very soft arches. The arch may be high or low depending on whether it is a short heart shaped face or a long heart shaped face. Try to keep brow width natural but not too bushy or too thin.




Diamond Face Shape

This kind of face is widest at around the cheek bones. The aim is to soften and balance out the face. A curved eyebrow solves this purpose, it makes the widest part subtle and the arch elongates the face so that it looks balanced and not strikingly angular. Choose a curved brow to soften your angular face or keep emphasis on the center arch of the brow to draw away from the width of your face.





Written by Sukanya Kapoor

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