Whether deliveries are a primary function of your business, or you are expanding to include home delivery services, choosing the right courier that offers an appropriate delivery service is vital. Even if you are sending a gift to your family friends or just sending stuff back home it is very essential to select the right courier services. Sending every parcel individually, relying on standard delivery services, and only offering basic delivery means that your potential customers could look elsewhere for a more convenient and more beneficial alternative. It is very important that the courier service be reliable and trustworthy. A good courier service adds to the touch of the entire experience, be it gifting or official.


Finding the right courier shouldn’t be hard: Just choose the one that offer the most delivery options, as well as features that are specifically developed for a good customer relationship. Key factors that a reliable courier service should provide are:

  1. Reputation

We can’t deny the fact that reputation is important.  If a courier is known as accurate and dependable, it’s a no-brainer for a business to partner with the company.  Ask around and read reviews online for shortlisting potential partners, and finally choose the best for your business. If it’s for personal use then base your decision on the rate of the services offered and also the efficiency with which they function.

  1. A range of delivery options

Clients expect delivery options, rather than a single delivery service, and this is especially true of commerce and e-commerce companies. Many people will want to take delivery of items when they are at home, which means weekend or evening deliveries, while some will make time to wait for important deliveries but will require an accurate and dependable delivery service. If your courier can’t offer these services, then it means that you won’t be able to meet the requirements and demands of your potential customers. Some courier services may offer this for an extra charge. These are highly efficient methods of sending parcels. Especially last minute gifting.

  1. Online tracking capability

This is very essential while selecting a good courier service. This helps you to track where your parcel is and also for the sender helps you track when it will reach the other party concerned. This is also very important to track whether the parcel is on the right track or has it got misplaced.

  1. Adequate insurance coverage

Always check insurance policies and the level of coverage that you will receive if the parcel is misplaced or lost. No matter how careful the courier, and how professional the courier service, there is still a chance of breakage or damage to items during transit. If the courier does not have suitable insurance policies in place, then this means that you could be left out of pocket and with a damaged reputation with your customers.


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It is easy to see a courier as being nothing more than a regular expenditure. Saving money on courier services is obviously important, especially for small businesses that are often operating on restricted budgets, but it is more important to find true value, rather than simply opting for the lowest price. Same applies for individuals. It is essential to make sure that the courier service offers value for money. Chose the proficiency of your courier service based on the urgency with which you need to have the parcel delivered and also based on the value of the product.

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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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