Education is one of the most important aspect of a human being’s life. Nothing in this world can be accomplished without education. A person with education can easily make two ends meet and also can achieve & fulfil his/her dreams. A great person once said that if you are giving food as donation then you are helping the person once, if you are giving money as donation then you are helping the person for a few days but if you are dishing out education as donation then you are making his/her life. This my friends is the value of education.

Secondly, if one lives in a developing nation, which very quickly wants to be recognized as a developed nation and has more than sixty five percent of population under thirty, then the value of education becomes all the more important. One such country is India and in the ever growing towns & cities of India, education always takes the center stage. One such city is Bhilai, located in the state of Chhattisgarh. In Bhilai, education is considered the most important aspect in every family. People want to get their children enrolled in the best of the schools. The main reason behind this philosophy is that the children should not face the same problems that their parents faced. However, in pursuit of good education in India, one of the most important facet is marks. And after getting good marks, a student has to clear competitions for engineering, medical, CA, and management and believe you me, competition in India is extremely cut throat.

So the solution to the aforementioned problem is coaching classes. Bhilai also is full of coaching classes. Irrespective of what exam you are going to give, Bhilai has coaching classes for every competitive examination as well as for the board exams. Paul Sir’s Rama coaching is an extremely famous name in the circles of Bhilai’s competitive world, as a majority of the probationary officers are selected from this coaching class only. This coaching class excels in the competitive exams related to public sector. FIITJEE is another important name in the competitive circles of Bhilai. Actually, FITJEE in the recent years have emerged as a big brand and has branches in most of the cities of India including Bhilai. FITJEE is famous for its penchant in coaching for IIT JEE, the premier engineering examination for IITs, which are considered the mother of all engineering colleges in India. Many students of Bhilai have accounted for Indian Institute of Technology by taking coaching in FIITJEE.

Kiran’s IAS/PSC is one of the emerging names when it comes to coaching for civil service aspirants. Many aspirants have done well at the state level using this coaching service and this coaching service augurs well for the future too. Career Launcher and TIMES are some of the other big players in the field of coaching classes in Bhilai. They are experts in making students clear CAT, which is a national level entrance exam for getting into the prestigious IIMs. Thus, Bhilai has its own share of marquee coaching classes, which are doing pretty well.

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