With changing times pursuing a graduation has become a common trend amongst students. With increasing competition in all domains the demand for a seat in a good college for pursuing a management degree is on the rise. More and more youngsters aspire to go abroad to pursue their education in a B school.


It is very essential to understand what kind of what kind of future you will be setting for yourself once you graduate from a B school with an MBA degree. There are multiple fields where one gets hired based on the combination of undergraduate degree and MBA stream pursued. Some prospective career options are:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Information System Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Management Consulting
  • Private Equity
  • Data analysis
  • Entrepreneurship

To pursue an MBA degree abroad it is essential for every candidate to give the GMAT examination. The GMAT exam measures the skills you have and the skills schools need. The exam has an integrated reasoning section which tests exactly those skills of students which schools wish to observe.  GMAT is a proven measure of your success. Decades of research confirm that the GMAT exam is a valid and reliable predictor of your academic performance in today’s graduate management programs.


The examination is for a duration of 3 hours and 30 minutes. It has four comprehensive sections which assess the overall abilities of the candidate and give the B schools a fair idea of what to expect from students and also make a fair selection.

Section 1: Analytical writing assessment. This section is 30 minutes long and has one question. The student is given a topic and has to write an analytical argument on the same.

Section 2: Integrated reasoning. This section also has a duration of 30 minutes. It comprises of 12 questions each based on one of the following topics, multi-source reasoning, graphics interpretation, two-part analysis and table analysis.

Section 3: Quantitative. This is one of the longest sections of the test and has a duration of 75 minutes. This section has 37 questions which require quick thinking process and sufficient preparation to ace. The questions are essentially based on data sufficiency and problem solving.

Section 4: Verbal. This section is also for a duration of 75 minutes. This section has 41 questions. The questions are designed to test the English abilities of the candidates and how well they will be able to adapt and learn in an English speaking nation. This section is particularly challenging and has questions based on sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading and comprehension.

GMAT is one of the most difficult entrance exams that have been designed. These exams need sufficient preparation and practice. It is advisable that every student refer to the suggested guide book material prescribed by the official website. There are also plenty of classes available to help you hone up your skills for the exam. To find your closest coaching center visit the QuickSearch website.

Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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