One thing everyone often need to remember is ….we are living in era of competition…so by default, nothing is easy, don’t ask, ‘is it easy or tough?’…this question is irrelevant today. Coming to UPSC….it is competitive exam. With hard work and smart work you can make it possible. everyone who are aspiring should need a proper coaching and should attend the classes regularly. Prepare for the exam with whole syllabus endlessly.

  • Every every year around 4-5 lac aspirants give the preliminary examination(MCQ type) of UPSC Civil Service and out of them around 15-16k are selected for the next phase i.e. the Civil Service Mains Exam which is a written exam. This is how the competition is


Time management


Self evaluation is a vital part in the preparation. Practice whatever number Mock Tests as could be expected under the circumstances in near examination environment as could be expected under the circumstances. Since time management is critical. Try not to attempt  the whole question paper first. Attempt to answer simple questions first with consideration.

You need to respond in due order regarding an extensive number of questions within a brief time period. For instance,according to exam design you will get just short of what one moment for noting one question (100 questions to be replied within one hour and fifteen minutes). The encounters of the creator and in addition numerous choose competitors demonstrate that you ought to have 90 or above right reply out of 100 questions to get a call for a meeting.


Keep in mind


Questions can be solicited from each nook and corner from the subject and in this way it is not in any manner to omit any part or region. Since even a single wrong answer could miss you a prestigious medicinal officer seat. We are living in a period of tough competition. Unless and until you have a very much arranged methodology you will miss the objective.


Past question papers demonstrate that a lot of questions are asked repeatedly. Applicants Should have an exhaustive learning of all subjects secured for the psc exam.



You can figure in the event that you can contract down the responses to two, generally not. Be careful with negative marks. Each right answer conveys 1 mark and for every wrong answer 1/3 imprint will be deducted in  PSC, no negative marks in UPSC, 1 less check in  PG Entrance exam (4 marks for right passage). No negative imprint for unattended questions.




During preparation:


Keep away from heavy oil food just before exam – your mind will focus on digestion not on your question paper.

Take more vegetables and fresh water – like green leaves, carrots and so forth which will diminish your eye sight  and practice increasing your memory power.

Avoid smoking, excess tea and beverages .Many of us have a feeling that smoking, Black tea and so forth will fortify our mind so we can ready to concentrate on for quite a while – yet these will diminish your vitality, and you will get to be drained within brief time.

Lack of sleep will bring about decreased mental sharpness – Many of the understudies will plan altogether before the exam, yet in the night prior to the exam, they avoid rest and attempt to change the entire subject. This will diminish their mental sharpness and they can’t get a handle on the questions. So go to bed at a young hour in the prior night exam.





Planning your study and preparation no less than 2 months before the exam – this is the most aspect viewpoint towards securing a decent rank. The planning ought to preferably be drafted up to 2 months before the date of examination; from that point a modified calendar may be put into work. Set up a basic timetable with adequate time for every subject.


Make notes in a different paper in shortened structure (an absolute necessity). It will extensively abbreviate the correct time and enhance your memory. This demonstrates exceptionally helpful while changing the reading material moreover. Use differently shaded pencil or pen for checking or marking some tricky questions.


Group discussion is additionally a critical element in planning. One among you makes questions in random/fast way and others attempt to reply. This will stimulate or practice your memory and reflexes. Be that as it may, not hide any focuses because of a fear of others knowing it.


Our memory

Interview-Preparation-Tips (1)

We may overlook 75% of topics with in the initial 48 hours .So attempt to prepare the same topic 2-3 times within 2 days – otherwise you won’t have the capacity to recollect greater part of the focused topics.


Last moment revision


It relates to the most recent three days before the examination. Relax the schedule’s bit, take a stab at restating the data, and revise the matter which you couldn’t remember. Reexamine the effortlessly forgettable data like Biochemical qualities, apothegms, perceptions and so on. revise the notes you arranged in abbreviated form


Keep in mind


Keep in mind that there is no magical formula for a successful interview. Great preparation, wise use of common sense and fearlessness are the key components that will help us in a meeting.

Regular assignments

Regular assignments and homeworks are unavoidable for getting a higher score

Pattern of questions

half can be replied by a normal understudy

30% can be replied by above normal

20% extremely hard to reply (You ought to exceptionally cautious while noting it.

Maintain a strategic distance from nervousness and desire

Make preparation – an exciting knowledge

Common Services All the State PSC executes different exams like:


  • Commercial Taxes Services


  • Employment Services


  • Excise Services


  • Fire Services


  • General Services


  • Municipal Services


  • Zila Panchayat Services


  • Police Services


  • Registration Services


  • Transport Services


  • Survey and Land Record Services


  • Treasuries And Accounts Services


  • Weights and Measures Services


  • Jail Services


  • Local Fund Audit Services


  • Textile Services

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