We recently introduced a new feature called LaJawaab. It is a Q&A platform focussing on city and business specific questions which can be answered by users and for the first time by a business as well in any local search service.

While users can ask and answer any question on LaJawaab, Businesses can only answer questions specific to their business category.

Local Businesses can get a lot of benefits from using this platform.

  • It would allow businesses to showcase the experience and knowledge they have accumulated over the years in their business domain to other users in the city.
  • It can help create a new identity and social reputation for businesses much like any other person.
  • Users can upvote answer which helps improve the authenticity of your answers. Upvotes give you contribution points which will help you improve your contribution ranking. Currently the Top Five contributors  will be displayed in the Contribution Ranking table for businesses.
  • Your answers will also be posted on your business profile which would help show your immediately to users.
  • There is also a ‘Share on Facebook’ option provided for answers. So users can share your answers

So how can a business answer questions.

  • To start off a business needs to make sure that they have claimed and edited their business.
  • After claiming your business and updating your profile visit www.quicksearch.in/answers
  • Try and find questions in your business category. On finding one that you can answer click on the ‘Write Answer’ button shown below the question to start typing in your answer
  • Now you can see option buttons with both your user name and business name. You can answer questions either with your user profile or your business profile. When answering questions that belong to the same category as your business, use your Business Profile to answer.
Screenshot_17 Screenshot_18

In case you are thinking what makes a good answer, written below are a few things to remember while answering questions.

  • A good answer is one that is clear and easy to read.
  • Good answers are helpful to both the original poster of the question and to anyone else who has the same question in the future.
  • An answer supported by good reasoning, logic and facts helps improve the credibility of the answer.
  • Descriptive, detailed and high quality answers are better that can address various nuances would get a lot of visibility and reach more readers.
  • Businesses can only answer business specific questions relating to their particular category.
  • Lastly, but most importantly answers have to be neutral and non promotional with the sole objective of just answering the question.

Written by Bajith Sasidharan

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