As the world is increasingly moving with fast pace, we often tend to ignore our health in the process of competing for the sustenance of our existence. What we do not realise is how much we have taken for granted and how much our negligence today can cost so much of our tomorrow. So, what we need to understand is the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Because only by living healthy can we keep our dreams and goals alive and enjoy bits and pieces of success as it comes along the way. Here are 5 Healthy tips which you can adopt in order to live a healthy life. These are quite easy to manage even in your jam-packed schedule.

Make a schedule

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.” You need to make a proper schedule and stick to it. This schedule must include slots for timely meals, an hour of workout, 6 to 8 hours of sleep and of course hours of work, relaxation and environment. Following this schedule can help make your life better by managing all the essential activities efficiently on time.


Drink loads of water!

Water is the most effective way of staying healthy, as it is easily available and free of cost. Water helps to regulate the body temperature and help in the detoxification process. It helps drain out all the toxins and harmful fluids in your body and improves your skin and mood. By taking water before the meals, you intake less calories and it helps in weight loss. Water also helps in digestion and makes your skin glow. Make sure to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.




Have a Balanced Diet!

Everything is necessary for your body including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. So, you need to have food rich in all these nutrients to keep your body Healthy. Fibres and curds can also help solve your problem of indigestion. Do not drink water in between meals and do not sit idle or take a nap just after eating. Make it a habit of walking 100 steps after eating. This will help in proper and faster digestion.


Say no to junk!

Although junk food and fast food are really very delicious and tempting, what you fail to realise is that they are the real enemies to your health. You should avoid deep fried and spicy foods because they will result in increasing your blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Most of these oily foods contain fats that cause indigestion and form your belly fat and muscle fats. If you want to avoid heart related diseases and unwanted weight gains, you need to stop making those trips to McDonalds, Dominoes and Pizza Hut. You must avoid eating samosas, French fries and all fried items. What you can do is schedule eating all these once in a fortnight or month.



You need to work out at least half an hour a day in order to stay fit and fine. Exercise help you shed those unwanted calories and put you to a better mood. While doing exercise, certain hormones are released which helps relax your mood and help you breathe easy. If you are feeling very stressful, you can go ahead and take a brisk walk to get relieved of the tension. Make it a habit to exercise daily as this will help you feel light and cheerful. You will be able to get through with your daily chores more quickly and perform all of them happily and efficiently.


You can consider going to gymnasiums for an hour every day at Health & Fitness centres in Raipur . So, what are you waiting for? Hit the nearest Gym to your place to be productive and successful.

Written by Deepanwita Dey

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