It was during the last few weeks in my college that the realization finally dawned upon me that it’s the end. It is time to move on. We bid fond farewells to my friends, roommates, juniors and some of our favourite faculty. We had our farewell parties. We took group photographs to commemorate the event. We promised to keep in touch with each other. We decided on having a reunion again a year later. All of the usual stuff we associate with a farewell. But the bitter fact is no matter how much of a good relationship we have with our friends we might not even see some of them ever again in our lifetime. And then we had our reunion last month!

Wish I could say the same things about some of my stuff though. After the end of my exams I called up the local Packers and Movers to move the stuff to my hometown. My train was to leave day in two days. So I made arrangements with the guy to come in the afternoon to pick my stuff. There were not many things to transport. But the content that I wished to transport meant a lot to me. It was a collection of books that I had painstakingly collected over the last three years which had now proven to be too much to carry home. As promised the guy came the next day afternoon to transfer my package. He packed all of my books into a large cardboard box, took my destination address and went on his way. I was told that I would be getting my things delivered to my home within a week. Happy at the knowledge that my precious books would be safely delivered to me, I boarded my train. A week passed. And then another week and I was yet to get my things. So I called the customer care number I was provided. No one picked up. I eventually googled the business and found out that they had no local branch! I asked my friend who was still at my college to find out about my package. I got to know that they had yet to ship it! Long story short, eventually after a lot of angry calls and pure unadulterated frustration, I finally received my package. I had to go to the station to collect it. Yes that’s right. There was no home delivery. And worst of all, some of my books were received in the damaged condition. As goes the saying ‘One Bitten, twice Shy’. Since then I am very careful when it comes to moving my things through a third-party. So here are a few tips you can remember when you have to transfer to another place and have to move your things through a relocation service.

Presently, there are innumerable number of Packers and Movers in Raipur. This business can also be subdivided further. Based on type of goods to be transported it could be for Automobile, Commercial or Corporate use. Or you could choose based on their area of operations as to whether they operate on a Local, National or International basis. So how do you choose a good packer? It would be useful to keep in mind that you are trying to transport things that hold considerable material and emotional value to you. Therefore the cheapest option is not always the best. Based on the above criteria of the type and goods as well as your destination you can narrow down you search to a few. Now that you have done this one of the first things that you should do is to look for reviews about the particular seller. There are plenty of review sites online who can give you the information that you need. In addition to this you can also take the opinion of family and friends who have used the service.

There are already at least twenty-five different packers and movers in Raipur. All of these businesses are involved in residential and local transport. Some of them transport goods nationally and for commercial establishments. A few of them even do the relocation of automobiles and international moving. Due to the competition involved some of the less honest among these businesses might involve themselves in a bit of dishonesty. A common form of trickery involved in the business is in the regarding the weight of the items involved. So instead of going for the lowest cost, it is always better to go for the higher weight estimate. This is because the movers with a higher weight estimate are inclined to provide you with an accurate answer than the ones with the lowest cost. The lowest cost movers sometimes tend to deliberately underestimate the weight of your goods only to revise it later and thus change the cost.

Destination is more important that your source when you are in the process of moving. Therefore it is more important to have an office of the relocation agency in your destination city than the source. But before making a decision it is important to meet the business in question. A lot of things can be determined by visiting a particular packers and mover personally. Their attitude, the way they talk, behave are all important as it is in any business. But it is more important to know the quality of the boxes they use for transport, their overall manpower, number of vehicles, branches etc. If the said movers transporting facility is also nearby, a small look at the condition of the goods being moved will give you a lot of insight. It is also important to ask whether the Packers and Movers provide insurance for the goods being transported as well as the policy for any damage occurring during the transportation. It might be a bit of effort but then again you don’t always move. Hence it is better to have a detailed analysis before choosing any Packers and Movers in Raipur.

Written by Bajith Sasidharan

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