Weddings are considered to be one of the most happiest and memorable occasions of our lives. It is for this very reason that we consider the photographs of weddings to be cherished keepsakes. But with the passage of time what was once a simple click and pose affair has now gone on to become much more. Therefore choosing a wedding photographer is a decision that is not to be taken lightly, and photographers are selected after much thought and deliberation nowadays. But with the changes in time, photography as a profession itself has evolved and more so in terms of wedding photography which in some cases can now be almost considered an art in itself. So let us discuss a few things that you need to be aware of when selecting a wedding photographer.

Now before we even go into wedding photography you would need to decide on the kind of style that you would want. As I mentioned earlier wedding photography has come a long way from being the pose and click   affair that it was earlier. Wedding Photographers nowadays ply their trade based on three different styles. They are styles are namely documentary, portraiture and fine art. The documentary style puts an emphasis on keeping it as natural or as candid as possible, trying to capture moments as it happened and trying to tell a story. You won’t see many photographs of people staring into the camera as in most cases they won’t even realise that they are being photographed. The portraiture style meanwhile is more about the traditional approach of posed photographs like the ones in your parents wedding. The fact that the photographs are posed doesn’t mean that they don’t look good. It just means that they would be taken in a more formal fashion and would depend a lot more on the creativity of the photographer to make it more dramatic. The fine art photography would meanwhile mean giving a higher artistic degree of license to the photographer to shoot it from the photographer’s perspective. The photographer might even infuse the glamour aspect of fashion photography into his photographs. Some of these photographers who use multiples styles in their work. In any case it is better to look at the photographer’s portfolio of work to get an idea about which style you would be comfortable with.

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Now that we have looked at the photography styles let us now discuss the level of service that you expect from your photographer. To do this you need to have answers to some of the questions mentioned below.
• Do you need the photographers only for the wedding ceremony or would you want the photographer to have portraiture sessions and cover the pre-wedding engagement events.
• How many photographs do you want? Some photographers might provide you with a few hundred photographs while some others might go to a few thousand.
• A good photograph requires a lot of things. It needs proper equipment. It requires the imagination, creativity and expertise of the photographer. Nowadays it also has a lot to do with the post-processing that takes place after the photograph is taken. So another key question that you need to ask is whether you would prefer to do the post processing yourself or would you want the photographer to do it? Please do note that it takes a great deal of time as well as an in depth knowledge and expertise of photo-editing tools to get that perfect photo.
When discussing the budget do note that the overall cost depends a lot on the style of wedding photography that you want as well as the level of service that you expect. If you require lot of print copies of the photographs, a great way to reduce the cost would be to get the negatives or the digital copies of the copies and have the ones you like to be printed at leisure later on.
You can use friends or family, your wedding planner as well as local search services to obtain an initial pool of candidates for your research. Check out their websites. Use review sites to root out the unfavourable ones. After calling them the ones you like and after reviewing their portfolio of work, make a list of candidates who would meet your requirements, fit your budget and would be available on the day of your wedding. The personality of the photographer matters a lot as this would be person with whom you would be working in close quarters for a whole day. So meet the remaining candidates in person. Do remember to ask them if they carry back equipment, how soon after the wedding can you expect the prints, for how long they keep the negatives with them. On their websites or brochures the photographers would display their best photos from multiple events. So when meeting them in person ask the photographer for their complete portfolio from a single wedding so that you can see what their complete collection looks like and correctly evaluate it. Ask them how the post processing of the images would work? Is it you who would select the photographs from a pool of photographs for retouching or would it be the photographer? Confirm whether the same photographer whom you interviewed also comes to the wedding. Ask whether the photographer would bring along any assistants and if so how many? Depending on the number of guests involved, you might require more photographers to be assured of complete coverage.
After you have selected your wedding photographer and when it is time to sign the contract, take your time to verify and cross verify whether the statements are to the agreements of all the parties involved. Make sure that there are no additional or hidden costs involved before you sign it. Some contracts have statements which stipulate that the photographer owns the rights to your images and can use it promotionally. So do make sure that to ask for the rights to your images.
Do keep these things in mind when you selecting photographers for your big day. If you are looking for great Wedding Photographers in Raipur you can find them here.

Written by Bajith Sasidharan

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