To conduct a meeting with high professionalism, it should have least possible disturbance and the greatest possible impact. Although many businesses allocate large rooms or spaces around office area as conference halls, that could be costly. Not only for constructing it but also to maintain it even when you are not using it.

Now-a-days, there are many hotels, event venues and business meeting points that offer these facilities for start-ups and small companies. These places provide all amenities that one would need for a seminar, meeting or conference. In order to choose a suitable conference hall, follow the steps as suggested below:

1.       Infrastructure

It’s not just a big room or empty hall with fashionable seat. It should be fully equipped with projectors, speakers, electrical outlets, chairs, tables, internet connection and water or beverage serving facilities to gain the complete experience. If the entire infrastructure is working well then you will not be carrying any extra burden or worries. All the equipments needed for conducting business should be available in the conference room.

2.       Effective cost

We should always try to keep our costs in check. If meetings are held occasionally or less frequently then having our own conference room would cost much as it needs to be maintained regularly. If you can estimate the frequency of conferences then go for the bulk offer of having some particular number of conferences for a specific period of time with any hotel. This would reduce your efforts and you can get deals at discounted prices and it would also reduce many business costs.

3.       Positive outlook

Most of the conferences would be to discuss upon serious issues or give impressive presentations to the clients, so in order to have positive construction of thoughts; it should be very well organized and should look modern. Start observing from the colour of the room to matching sets of curtains to stylish flowers to room sprays used. All the five senses should be mesmerized for the moment they enter the room. When clients enter with such positive mood, it gives good impression over the hosts and half of the battle would have been won.

4.       No space for congestion/oversize

Before searching for a conference room, we should be precise about the purpose of meeting, number of people attending, and every other possible resource constraints

When you are having team meeting, client meeting, or presentations, you need to give space for the presenter to move freely. Not only for the presenter but even for the listeners in the room; one  should not feel congested. Even though participants might not openly give the feedback, congestive spaces create negative impressions for the clients. In the same vein the conference room should not be too large. Lots of empty seats might not be liked by many. One should be able to balance the undersize and oversize factor for the room.

5.       Place

To impress someone or to have a peaceful meeting, not just internal environment but also external environment should be peaceful. Although much of it does not depend on us, if we are careful we can control the problem to certain extent. Try to avoid booking or choosing hotels on busiest roads with high traffic, although well-arranged conference rooms would not allow any noise inside the thoughts of heavy traffic may still affect. Also, most of the conferences are planned at a shorter duration and thus need to be at smaller distance from host’s office. Confirm the availability and reserve your slot. Always reserve for bigger slots and book for maximum expected time.

On the other side, if the conferences or meetings are highly frequent then it is better to build your own conference room rather than depending on others. For most companies its usually always better to rent because we can then accommodate our guests based on the situation and thus optimize cost.

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