Weight loss has been the top agenda for many people’s New Year resolution. But even then, not much is achieved when it comes to people losing weight. One of the reasons behind this failure is that most people have been employing just one or two, non work-out based methods in reducing weight. A multi-pronged strategy to tackle weight gain would probably work better. Below are some tips and techniques for losing weight.

Tips for Losing Weight

Home Remedy Tips

    • Lemon Juice. Lemon goes a long way to aid in detoxification while also improving digestion. Lemon also removes toxins in the body which slow down your metabolism rate. It is therefore a good companion in reducing weight.
    • Apple Cider Vinegar. This one prevents the body from accumulating fat.
    • Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera stimulates the body to cause metabolism and increase energy consumption.
    • Green Tea. This is a popular home remedy known for naturally promoting weight loss.
    • Cayenne Pepper. This home remedy is good for controlling obesity and thus aids weight loss. It burns excess fat while at the same time increasing energy expenditure.
    • Curry Leaves. You should take at least 10 fresh curry leaves every morning for effective weight loss.

Professional Centers

Another way to lose weight is by seeking professional help offered in many professional centers. Some of them in Raipur can be found here. Here, you will be exposed to various types of professional medication, like:

Use of Supplements 

Supplements are known to be among the most efficient methods that can be employed to help one reduce weight. They work faster than natural methods just that they may have some side effects. But if you get them from professionals, hopefully you will not experience any side effects.

Weight Loss Surgery 

You might also be recommended for weight loss surgeries, such as Gastric Banding and Intestinal Bypass, depending on your need.

Other Methods and Techniques

Apart from these, there are the more common methods and techniques that have always worked to reduce weigh of many individuals.


Daily exercises are long term solutions in reducing weight. It helps in burning excess fat in the body. Key is to be consistent here rather than overdoing it in first few days and then quitting exercises altogether thereafter. Again there are various popular forms of exercises that you would even enjoy if doing in group, like-

– Yoga

– Tai Chi

– Aerobics

– Zumba Dance, etc

Change of Lifestyle

Another effective way to lose weight is by changing your lifestyle. Abstinence from unhealthy food like junk food, fat, spices, oil etc if possible would go a long way in cleaning the body. Paleo recipes are highly advised for this case.

One can design a strategy using combination of techniques outlined above to keep a leash on one’s body weight.


Written by Bajith Sasidharan

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