The excitement of being able to decorate your home is sometimes quickly replaced by difficult choices with respect the furniture that you want to pick. If you do not have a proper picture in mind then this experience can turn into a nightmare. It gets difficult to accommodate your plans and your personal style to create an interior space that you will feel comfortable and at home in. Thus, choosing furniture involves a lot of practical as well as aesthetic factors. Here are the steps you can follow to ensure that decorating your home becomes a fun-filled experience:

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1) Create a floor plan: The first step in deciding the furniture you want is to actually calculate the space available. Often, you cannot accommodate the furniture you pick out because of space constraints. Thus, make sure you know the space that you’re dealing with. Draw a simple floor plan and sketch the tentative placement of the furniture. While doing so, ensure that everything is well spaced out and that no furniture piece blocks natural light from entering the room.

2) Focus on the necessities first: Rather than trying to pick out pieces of furniture that add to the aesthetic look of the home, first focus on pieces that are an absolute necessity. This includes staples like a bed, sofa, dining table etc. Ask yourself what pieces of furniture are necessary for every person in the family so you can pay attention to specific needs first. Once these basic pieces are installed in the home, you can then add other pieces around it to compliment it.

3) Quality over quantity: Sometimes, you may have so many ideas for a particular room that the end result is that you will try to cram everything possible into one room. Instead, pick out investment pieces that you know are of high quality. Though they might cost a little more, you will use it for a longer time.

4) Good Quality Fabric: Along the same lines is the necessity of picking out furniture that is made of stain-resistant good material fabric. For example, while picking out a sofa, make sure that the material of the sofa is soft enough that it does not feel uncomfortable. Also, if you have children at home, it is a better choice to opt for stain-resistant fabrics as maintenance is much easier. Faux leather, hardwood, and upholstered fabrics are your best bets.

5) Central theme: If you are confused with the furniture that you want for a particular room, try to finalize on a theme. This way, you know exactly what you’re looking for and you can then ensure that all the pieces compliment each other perfectly. However, if you find pieces that do not stick to the theme you can still add them as an extra something to your room as well. Some famous themes are:

  • Contemporary: Characterized by neutral colors such as white and beige, this theme focuses on sleek and clean furniture. A lot of shiny black lacquer and glass is used.
  • Old World: The opposite of Contemporary, this theme has a lot of rustic pieces that are made of deep, earthy colors like reds and oranges. They get their inspiration from Italian and French designs.
  • Bohemian: All the rage in the last few years, this theme revolves around hippy designs and bold prints with very artsy color combinations. Perfect for the artist in you.

6) Trinkets: Sometimes, you do not really need extraordinary luxurious pieces to make your room or rather your home look put together. Sometimes, all you really need is some small trinkets that add a pop of color or dimension to your room. It can be as simple as printing out some quotes and framing them or you can add a potted cactus plant to the room if you wish to. This is best for those who are working on a budget.

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Written by Pavithra Dennis

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