The world of fashion and glamour is one that keeps changing so much that sometimes it gets hard to keep up with it. Trends sometimes take the industry by a storm only to die without any warning merely a few days later. In such a scenario, it becomes virtually impossible to figure out how to keep up with all the changing trends related to clothing, accessories and even makeup. However, accessorizing the right way can either make or break your outfit. Thus it is important to keep in mind a few key points every time you are choosing your accessories for a particular outfit. Here are the top five aspects to do so:


1) Less is more: As a rule of thumb, it is always advised to invest and wear one statement accessory while putting together your outfit. A common mistake that a lot of people do is wearing a statement earring with chunky bracelets and a bright scarf. Doing so takes the focus off the outfit itself. Neither does it flatter any of the individual accessories either. Choose one feature that you want to specifically highlight and play around with it. Clashing pieces of jewelry will make you look over the top and eventually mismatched. Keep the hands and the neck bare if you are wearing a chunky earring and vice-versa.

2) Understate the clothes, overstate the accessories: For those of you who find it really hard to pull off bright clothes and bright prints, this is the best way to go about making a statement with your outfit. For example, opt for a neutral shirt with some classy well-fitted pair of jeans. To accessorize, use either a watch with a big flashy dial or layer a few metallic bracelets on your hand to give it that edgy look and make your outfit pop. This can even be done with shoes, earrings or even a printed scarf.

3) Colour coordinate: Though this may seem like a pretty basic tip, this truly goes a long way in ensuring that your outfit, on the whole, is perfect. For example, if your earrings are of black metal, wearing a gold necklace is going to throw the outfit off altogether. Instead, opt for a certain color coordinated approach which will not make anything look out of place. However, color coordinating your clothes with your jewelry is also a good approach as long as it is not overdone to the extent where your entire outfit is monochromatic in nature.

4) Find what works for you: Though the fashion world is all about following trends that are set up by celebrities or models, it is important to find your signature look and what works best for you. For some people, layering accessories look better while for some other dainty and delicate pieces of jewelry looks the best. Thus, it is important to find that intermediate space between trendy and comfortable. Once you are able to figure out what works for you, you can then branch out and experiment with looks.

5) Find inspiration: Sometimes, it gets really difficult to decide on accessories that you want to invest in. The best way to get some inspiration and to know what is trending currently is to follow magazines and fashion blogs. These are a storehouse of a zillion ideas on how to accessorize your outfits and you are bound to get a few ideas from them. However, make sure that you pick accessories that you know you can use with multiple outfits rather than only one piece of clothing. Multi-purpose is the key. You can also visit thrift stores that sell a lot of bohemian-looking accessories to find some inspiration.

Thus, keeping these few pointers in mind, choose accessories that will enhance your outfit to the maximum. If you are looking for fashion accessories in Raipur, you can find a list of dealers who can hook you up with some of the best here:

Written by Pavithra Dennis

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