When it comes to a polished, sleek, and shiny look, perfectly straight hair is the hairstyle to go for.Straight hair is remarkably quick and easy to get using a flat iron at home.


Ceramic flat irons are generally regarded as the best material that does the least amount of damage to your hair. Salon straight hair is a look that anyone can achieve. All you need to know are some handy hair care rules and tips for using your hair straightener!
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1.Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

Wash your hair with warm water. Take a small amount of shampoo and gently massage it on your scalp. Then rinse your hair with warm water. Apply a conditioner and rinse it with cold water.

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2. Thermal Protection Serum

Use a thermal protection serum while your hair is wet because it evenly spreads the serum around your hair without creating clumps. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb after applying.


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3.Blow Dry your Hair

You want your hair to be as dry as possible while straightening. This will enable your flat iron to work better.

Point the hair dryer downward with the flow of your hair while blow-drying. This downward motion away from your roots encourages your hair to dry straight.

Avoid setting the dryer at a high temperature.


4.Combing your hair

Before straightening, comb your hair to ensure there are no knots and that all hair products have been evenly distributed.



1.Adjust the temperature for your hair type. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the hotter the straightener, the better it’ll work. You’ll just be doing more damage to your hair.

2.Separate your hair into several sections. The number of sections will depend on the thickness of your hair. The key is to make sections one to two inches thick so that they can easily pass through the straightener.

Pin or clip the sections you are not using out of the way as you straighten each individual section.




3. Place the straightener as close to the roots of the section as possible without burning yourself, that implies that the straightener should be about an inch away from the scalp




4.When straightening, first run a pin comb or a fine tooth comb through the section you’re working on to detangle, and then use the comb to pull and hold your hair taunt as you then run over the section with your hair straightener.

5. Clamp the iron down so that the heated sides touch and your hair rests between them. Be sure not to clamp too firmly, as this will create a ridge in the top of the hair section where you start straightening.




6.Run the flat iron down the length of your section of hair. Your motion should be a fluid and steady sweep from the roots to the ends. The most important part of this technique is that you don’t hold the straightener in any one place for too long. Doing so can damage your hair and create undesirable folds.




7. It should only be necessary to go over a section of hair 2 or 3 times. If your hair is not achieving the desired result in that time frame then work on an even smaller section of hair. Run the straightener over the section several times until it is completely straight. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may only have to do this once, or you may have to run the straightener over a section of hair several times.



1. Set your blow dryer to cold on the lowest air flow setting. Blow-dry your hair for another minute carefully to set your straightened hair. You can use a thick brush to guide your hair in a straight motion if you prefer.

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2.Add a small amount of serum or a hair spray to your strands to stop your hair from going frizzy or fluffy. Anti-frizz serum that contains silicone is especially effective at keeping hair straight after flat ironing.


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Written by Sukanya Kapoor

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