For a lot of people, leather shoes are like a white elephant. they cost a lot more than normal shoes, they require regular maintenance,they can get damaged fast and worst of all you can’t use them often. But despite all of these things we go for leather shoes for one very simple reason,no other shoe can make us look elegant other than a leather shoe.

But the thing is Shoe maintenance isn’t as hard as people think it to be. Given below are some tips that you can follow in order to make your shoes last longer.

  1. Buy Good Quality Shoes: When buying shoes, don’t just buy because of the way it looks or because of the cost. Look at the quality as well. Look at the stitching and the materials used. Of course, good quality shoes might be expensive, but like anything else that you buy, investing in higher quality shoes pays off in the long run. A good shoe can handle more wear and tear than the cheaper ones.
  2. Storage: In general, people keep their shoes either in shoe boxes or on shoe racks. But for leather shoes, it is better that you keep your shoes on the Shoe rack. Storing leather shoes inside a closed space like a shoe box can do more harm to your Leather shoes than any good primarily due to the humidity. Make sure that the shoes are stored in a place that is away from sunlight, cool and dry.
  3. Use Shoe Trees: We wear our shoes the entire day and throughout the day our sweaty feet can create a lot of moisture which is absorbed by the lining and leather of our shoes. Eventually, this can cause our shoes to get damaged with rotted linings, smelly shoes and cracked leather being common features. This is where Tree Shoes come in. They are an essential item for shoe maintenance. They help you retain the shape of your shoe, reduce the creases and lines on it and also absorb any moisture or smell. In short, shoe trees help keep your shoes in excellent condition for a very long time.
    In case you don’t want to buy a shoe tree, you could consider stuffing the shoe with paper when you are not using them. This would help retain its shape and also absorb any moisture on it.
  4. Use Shoe Horns: A Shoehorn is an instrument that lets you wear the shoe more easily. It does this by providing a smoother surface for the foot and heel for sliding into the shoes. It isn’t too easy to wear a shoe especially the ones that come with a lace. Most of us crush the heel collar of the shoe with the bottom of the foot while using the fingers stretch the heel collar. Most of us don’t shoe horns and use this technique that ruins the heel collars of the shoe.

    Shoehorn-800  220px-Shoehorn_in_use

  5. Shine your shoes regularly: Clean your shoes after every wear. You can do this by applying shoe polish to remove any marks on the shoe. After polishing the shoe, use a rag clothing to wipe them again. Doing this regularly can help you keep your shoe in tip-top condition for years to come.
  6. Use Moisturiser: Just like we moisturise our skin, leather that is made from animal skin also requires moisturiser so as to prevent its cracking. To apply the conditioner, use a small cotton cloth and after application, wait for it to dry. After a while, use a brush to remove any excess cream. Use moisturiser at least once a month.
  7. Waterproof Your Shoes: Using a Water Repellent spray, waterproof your shoes at least once every six months. This would help protect your shoes from the harsh weather outside.
  8. Give Your Shoes a Day Off: Wearing your shoes every day is definitely going to wear them out sooner than you think it should. Give it a breather occasionally.
  9. Repair versus Replace: With the passage of time, any shoe would gain multiple badges of honour in the form of nicks and bruises. Most often we buy a new shoe and replace the still perfectly fine shoe. Try visiting a cobbler who knows better. He would easily take care of those small issues for you.

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Written by Bajith Sasidharan

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