Music is essentially an art form that is now more of a cultural activity that is organized through the medium of sound. For music to sound just about right, the pitch, rhythm and dynamics must be just about right. If either one of them is somehow compromised, music will not sound as good. In today’s day and age, there are so many musical instruments that are played that it’s hard to keep a count of them. Even schools across the world encourage students to learn at least one musical instrument right from their childhood. There are some musical instruments that are easier to learn than others. Some instruments take a longer time to perfect than others. Thus, here is a list of instruments that you can try your hand at if you’re looking to develop a new hobby:


1) Violin: Violin is one of those instruments that are fairly easier to learn than others. Anyone over the age of 6 can enroll in violin classes and learn the instrument. It is also extremely in demand with respect to orchestras and musical groups. While buying a violin for yourself, ensure that you pick one that is non-electric as you are a beginner and also opt for a size that you are most comfortable with and one that works best for your age. Learning the violin increases coordination and brings about a sense of discipline as well.

2) Guitar: The guitar is one of the most commonly preferred musical instruments by people of all age groups. Though this instrument is not as easy to learn as the violin, it is still very beginner friendly. Any person who is older than 6 can also play it. Because the sound produced by a guitar is acoustically produced by means of the hollow box, it can be used to produce fine solo tunes which can also help you to compose your own music if you wish to. Learning to play the guitar is said to improve self-confidence which in turn helps develop social skills.

3) Piano: The piano is one of the most versatile musical instruments out there. However, this is one of the few instruments that takes a lot of dedication and practice to master. The best way for you to learn this instrument perfectly is to get yourself enrolled in an institute that provides you with a strong foundation in music. You can either pick a traditional piano or an electric one as they both sound almost the same and are in the same price range as well. You can also practice this instrument by downloading music sheets that are easily available online. Playing the drum helps you focus more and thus improves concentration.

4) Drums: Drums are said to be one of the oldest musical instruments played. The beauty of this instrument is that there is no one particular way to play it. There are no set rules that you have to follow. As long as the pitch and rhythm are maintained, you are good to go. Thus, this instrument will work for those who like to experiment freely with music. You can either opt for tunable or non-tunable drums depending on your personal preference. It is also said that learning the drums helps improve motor skills and enhances concentration and memory.

5) Flute: Flutes are said to be a very fun instrument to learn. They are suitable for all ages, preferably children above the age of 10. It is actually a very popular instrument and if you decide to pursue it professionally, you are in for some serious competition. It is however easy to play and transport as well. Another con of learning to play the flute is that is not hard on the budget. A lot of people actually claim that playing the flute makes them relax. It also improves coordination and self-discipline to a great extent.

So wait no more. Get enrolled in the nearest institution that will guide and teach you how to learn musical instruments the right way. If you are looking for classes in Raipur, you can find them here.

Written by Pavithra Dennis

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