With New Year just about a week away, it’s everyone’s dream to fit into their bright and stunning dress and look fabulous.  But with all the festivities like Diwali and Christmas that have been passing by, everyone is also sure to have put on a few pounds. Don’t lose hope! It is still possible to tone up and lose the extra pounds in a week by following a few simple steps.

  • Reduce your intake of canned foods. Canned foods contain high levels of sodium. Sodium causes water retention in the body. Water retention can cause bloating and make you look more plump than normal. Reducing consumption of canned food will reduce your intake of sodium. Reducing salt consumption will prevent this bloating. Replace all canned foods by fresh fruits and vegetables. If eating the canned food is inevitable, then restrict the quantity to about 500 grams so that the salt taken in s not too much.
  • Have foods with high quantity of fiber during all three meals. Fruits like apples and leafy vegetables have high fiber content. Divide the portions into breakfast, lunch and dinner and consume it. These high fiber foods will keep you full for longer and will prevent you from consuming unrequired high calorie foods that will lead to you putting on excess calories. High fiber fruits also use the fats in your body to provide energy for digestion rather than using up carbohydrates. This way your body burns the excess calories and you do not even put on more.
  • Exercising in the morning can help to increase your rate of metabolism throughout the day. An increased rate of metabolism will ensure better digestion of your food. This means that all the necessary nutrients from the food will be absorbed by your body and the unnecessary food will be excreted out. High metabolism will also help in burning fat and reducing calories in your body. A morning jog or joining a one week Zumba or yoga class will help to achieve the magical results.
  • Replacing high sugar drinks is very important. High sugary drinks like tea, coffee and iced teas are a crime when it comes to weight loss. They tend to add heavily to the calories. Aerated drinks that have fizz also contain a lot of added sugar and carbon dioxide which contribute both weight gain and lead to bloating. Hence, it is essential to avoid such aerated drinks as well. Alcoholic beverages also contain high levels of carbon dioxide which can lead to bloating, it is best to avoid this as well for the one week period as at the end you will be enjoying it anyways. Replace these types of drinks and beverages with water and green tea. Sip water and green tea at regular intervals throughout the day. Water can act as a great anti-oxidant as well, this will also give you good and clear skin. Green tea and water can also help to detoxify your body and make you lose the calories.
  • fruit
  • Eat small meals at regular three hour intervals. This will prevent you from binging on snacks and unrequired junk food. During the meals have healthy fruits like avocados and almond butter, these are healthy and fat free. Chopped apples and bananas are also a good alternative food.

Following these simple tips can help you look fantastic this New Year. These tips are extremely simple to follow and do not require much effort or alteration to you daily routine. Along with these tips, the more you exercise the more beneficial it is in helping your weight loss goal. Skipping is a great cardio routine to follow daily. 500 skips a day can help to cut down on a lot of calories. Biscuits and cookies are a big no when it comes to weight loss especially in such a short time duration. The results that you derive in a short one week duration may not be long term but it can be a permanent result if you follow the routine regularly. Even if the food regime is not followed as strictly, the exercise and beverage routine should be followed regularly.

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Season’s Greetings!

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